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New series from David E. Kelley: The Lincoln Lawyer

Gil Bang

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we're 4 episodes in and like it enough.  i wish i liked the main character more.  i can't decide why i don't - it's tough to go from mcconaughey to him (i didn't read the books).  he just doesn't seem slick enough to pull off the la lawyer bit i guess.  also i get that he's half mexican, but his accent seems to come and go which drives me nuts.

in a way it kinda reminds me of reacher (the show, not books/movies).  like they took a well crafted book character and some reasonably strong stories, but didn't really have the budget to cast it properly, so you have off-brand acting talent across the board.  like the difference between a hollywood rom-com and a hallmark movie.  especially when the smaller parts pop up.

so far it's bothering me the most with haller, griggs, and the tech billionaire free throw dude.  



i'm sure this comes up and works itself out, but right now their best defense is to say someone was trying to kill the boyfriend yoga guy, not the wife.  this yoga guy had a studio in venice and did classes on the beach.  seemed to be pretty visible and easy to get to, if one was so inclined.  but they're setting up a story where whomever murdered him or had him killed chose to do it while he was in the bedroom and past the security system of...a tech genius.  seems about the hardest time to make such a thing happen.  i'm trying not to get hung up on the little things.


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I think the actor is doing quite well in this role, especially given that he is supposed to be coming out of a downward spiral.

His accent coming and going fits in with what happens with people who are not just bilingual but learned the language at home/with family. I (and the rest of the family) have accents that come out when around close friends/family, and disappear in other settings. Even when speaking English in both scenarios. Don't even think about it, just happens.

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Just watched this.  Enjoyable and truish to the books.  I'm in for Season 2.

It's a David E. Kelley joint.  Guy is nails on legal dramas.  Maybe not always perfectly credible, but decent, and usually entertaining.


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