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Luka Doncic

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Well this is a pretty piss-poor must-win game 3 so far from The Boy. 

He's proven plenty that he's great. I think there are a few things he needs to address before he can enter that tier of being an undeniable great (talking all-time not right now). 

He could use some more help. He has plenty of help to not get swept by this Ws team. 

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6 minutes ago, shadow_operative said:

he needs to do what Jokic did and stop playing his way into shape. he needs to show up to camp looking like Real Madrid Luka. i really think that's the last step he has to take before entering perennial MVP candidate status. 

Agree.  Jokic's game went through the roof when he showed up to camp ready to play instead of being 40# overweight.

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we would be in the jokic/giannis era if they played in LA and NYC instead of Wisconsin and Colorado, but yes, the era of Luka and Ja is nigh. and overall, the future of basketball looks brighter than the sun. the amount of young talent out there today is just unreal. david stern and michael jordan did more for this sport than anyone has ever done for any other sport ever. basketball is the new soccer, only instead of the world's best talent being spread throughout 5 or 6 different leagues, they're all right here in the NBA. the future is so, so bright.

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3 hours ago, shadow_operative said:

the amount of young talent out there today is just unreal. 

This is probably a better topic for the season thread, but I can't remember when there was this much talent around the league, and especially young talent.

So many good players under 25 years old -- Luka, Ja, Tatum, Anthony Edwards, Trae Young, the 3(!) guys in Cleveland, Zion if he can stay healthy, SGA, Cade Cunningham, Lamelo, Scottie Barnes, etc.  And that doesn't even include this year's rookie class that is looking really good -- Banchero is off to a great start and so is Mathurin. Hell, Houston has two guys that could be special. 

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On 1/1/2023 at 6:13 PM, closetohumping said:

Don't really like him but hard to ignore the greatness.  Better than Lebron at the same age?

At first glance I thought that was a silly suggestion but it's not the craziest debate.

The answer is no, mainly because of era differences and adjustments. Luka is posting crazy numbers but so is everyone nowadays. I don't think Luka at 23 in 2008 equals LeBrons production on both ends of the floor. 

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