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Random thoughts that don't warrant a thread


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Yesterday my shitty internet was out for most of the day so I went through my bit torrent folder to find something to watch.  Found an unwatched documentary called "Murderball" about quadriplegic rugby.  The show was pretty freaking awesome and those guys are flat out maniacs - and all around assholes.

But what gave me a "woah" moment was when they were showing the history of one of the main characters and how he became paralyzed.  Apparently he was involved in a fight with his best friend in high school.  The name of that high school you ask, "Marjory Stoneman Douglas". 

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A guy I know went over to check on his parent's dog to feed it, take it outside etc while they were gone for a couple of days. 

They left the robot vacuum cleaner on.

Big Lab took a shit on the hardwood floor and, well, in case you ever wondered, those robot vacuums do one hell of a shit shine. 


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I was at the Publix today. The one I go too always asks if you want to contribute to the march of dimes, or whatever charity they are in to at the time. 

I was behind a lady being cashed out. Cashier finished.

Cashier: With a sweet smile goes; Would you like to contribute to the march of dimes??

Lady: Ah, this is my husband's credit card and I  can't put anything extra on it

Cashier: With a disgusting look says: What the hell are you married to?






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I HATED being required to ask every single goddam customer if they wanted to donate when I worked at Bi-Lo.

"Hi random stranger, would you like to donate to this charity? I'm sure they paying my company so that I'm being forced to ask you this lest I risk being disciplined"

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On 4/20/2018 at 2:01 PM, sachick said:

Anyone who reheats Curry in the office and then proceeds to eat it at there cubicle should be fired.

That and fish.  They should be drug out to the parking lot and get bitch slapped by everyone in the office.

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12 hours ago, CycleTex87 said:

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight, Gonna grab some afternoon delight



My 8th grade art teacher told the class to do projects based on Afternoon Delight.  She didn't know what the song was about.  Naturally, she was surprised by the submissions

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Guys who bitch about their wives turning them down for “sexy time” need to understand that their wife probably just wants them to be a man and pound her until she can’t walk  instead of trying to be cute with shit like “sexy time.”

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