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Big 12 basketball 2023-2024 season - One Final Rodeo


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1 hour ago, Pancho said:

I think this is a good pickup for tech


Rounds out a pretty solid roster McCasland has cobbled together, along with keeping some good pieces in the program. Will be a bit guard heavy but them's the breaks.

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Posted (edited)
On 8/4/2023 at 10:01 AM, Felix said:

Yeah I know Surly thinks if you aren't great as freshman you'll never be any good, but that was a big loss.  That guy is going to be a star IMO.

Choosing to rely on a straw man makes your argument appear weak. People have unrealistic expectations for 5 stars, sure, but that’s not limited to Surly. Go back and you’ll find some disappointment along with acknowledgment of the flashes and recognition that Arterio was competing with a stacked, experienced backcourt. 

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I made no argument.  I simply stated an opinion, and a throwaway line poking fun at some of our overly negative reactions, as you pointed out.  It sounds like you may have taken it personally but it was intended as self deprecating humor as I too am "Surly". 


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