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On 9/13/2020 at 10:00 AM, Hiphopopotamos said:

That idiot who writes for OB does analysis for the OL each game - goes through play by play for each guy on the OL.  I don't think that comes out until Monday or Tuesday though.

I don't know if I'm in the minority on this but I like Dunlap's OL writeups. At the very least he is one of the few Texas writers that has an actual grading metric that can be tracked and reviewed over the course of the season. 


The other thing I want to point out about OL play this week--Shack was a 4 year starter at the leading position on the OL. Say what you want about his play, but the C is in charge of a lot pre-snap. It'll take some time for the line to adjust to someone new at that spot. I think some of the issues with missing assignments will improve over time as the new starters get experience and everyone settles in with Kerstetter at C. 

That said I still think this line has a pretty hard ceiling of above average. 

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10 hours ago, Katfid54 said:

I don't know if this is intended to be parody or not, but it's not accurate based on my rewatch.  Cosmi and Kerstetter were both great.  Kerstetter has a way different job as center than he did at right tackle and most of the time against UTEP, he was playing against a nose guard.  Very rarely did I see Kerstetter get beat, and I don't think I ever saw him make a mental error and blow his assignment.

Our next best lineman, based on my watch, was Okafor.  He played a pretty clean game and was solid in pass pro.

Christian Jones played fine.  There were some times where he missed an assignment (mentally) and a few times where he got beat (usually after first engaging).  He was okay.

Angilau was pretty obviously our worst OL on my rewatch.  Several mental errors where he just blows his assignment.  For example, on the 2 yard run by Roschon to go up 20-0, we run inside zone and Angilau leaves unblocked the guy that's right over him.  The DL runs right past Roschon and doesn't blow up the play, but it's a huge and inexcusable error.  Angilau ends up running around like a chicken with its head cut off on this play, really not doing anything.  There were too many Angilau plays that looked like this on my rewatch.


But look at the other OL.  They do a fine job.  Cosmi does a great job and is still locked up with his dude in the end zone when Roschon scores.  Kerstetter gets great movement on his block.  Okafor's block is solid enough, although the DL is able to disengage from him.  Christian Jones drives a poor safety across the hash. 

I'm not sure why Wiley doesn't try to work to #28.  If this were a real zone-read call, the DE actually gives Sam a pull read: look at how hard #10 crashes to Roschon; he's the guy that makes the tackle.  If there were a real read, Sam should pull the ball, but #28 would be lurking over the top.  Once Wiley helps Cosmi with the combo block, he should be looking for work and #28 runs right off of his hip.

Angilau clearly recognized his mistake mid-play. Do you think he initially thought it was inside zone to the left?

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Thanks to @satyanash 


A battle is emerging at right tackle between Christian Jones and Isaiah Hookfin. Jones originally received the start because Hookfin sustained a slight shoulder injury, but at the time, Hookfin was playing guard and Denzel Okafor was playing right tackle. The injury to Hookfin forced Okafor to right guard and Christian Jones to right tackle. That injury may have been a blessing in disguise for a couple of reasons: Okafor appears entrenched at guard now, which has likely been his best position all along, and, after receiving live snaps versus UTEP at tackle, and looking good doing it, Hookfin is earning more reps at tackle.

Offensive tackle was always the evaluation for Hookfin, with playing guard appearing to be a way to get his feet wet. However, he may be too good to keep off the edge in a year where there is no certain starter. Known for being athletic and hard working, the staff may be forced to live with the highs and lows he’d bring as a redshirt freshman.

But Christian Jones won’t go away quietly and hasn’t been jumped by Hookfin as of yet. We could see a scenario where this competition plays out in games as much as in practice. That would probably be to the benefit of Hookfin. Jones played a little timid at times but he could show vast improvement in the coming weeks as he becomes more comfortable. The staff needs both of the players now and in the years to come so it will be interesting to see how things are handled.

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