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What podcasts are you listening to?

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I like to break up my work day by listening to some podcasts as music gets old after a period of time.  My usual go-tos are "Radical Personal Finance" and "The Order of Man" on Spotify.  Do y'all have any recommendations on some good podcasts?

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say what you want about Dave Portnoy, and/or how ridiculous this podcast was, it was the biggest female podcast in the industry. Dave explains the falling out, which turned into a pretty big story that the NY Post did a story on. Very interesting listen, even though most would have no interest in the actual podcast. It’s a pretty funny story. He does a great job of telling the story IMO.

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joe rogan - for when he has scientists and other interesting guests on.  the comedian-friends type episodes is zzzzzz bro-chat.

tim ferris - only when he has good guests on, same as above.  otherwise this dude sounds like he sniffs his own fart - just nauseatingly insufferable.

carmudgeon show (jason camissa) - very very good if you like cars.

dave chang show - if you like chef/food talk, its enjoyable. 

jj reddick - very chill.  almost strange to hear how "normal" and identifiable some of the athletes are.

cyclingtips podcast - good if youre into cycling

infinite monkey cage (brian greene) - good fun llighthearted take on science. 

a bunch of odd bloomberg ones like Bloomberg P&L, Bloomberg Gameplan, Bloomberg Intelligence, Bloomberg Businessweek.... they publish 100s of podcasts and its a bit confusing



Onto the podcasts to ignore.  Most of these mickey-mouse ones like NPR's Planet Money, The Indicator, How I Built This, From Scratch... absolutely inane reader's digest type dialogue.  Stuff You Should Know and other like-ones sound exactly like 2 dudes basically sharing what they read from wikipedia.  Turrible.

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