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Random Tires doing random tire things

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17 minutes ago, Prepuce of Doom said:

You found this by googling some variant of "deadly sex with rubber" didn't you? 

It kills me (probably him, too) to watch, as we can see it coming. Poor bastard gets knocked the fuck out.

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1 hour ago, Parliament said:

Those split rims are widow-makers.

We used to inflate them in a cage at the family tire store.  One time the ring slipped and the force blew my dad all the way across the shop.  He was concussed and the doctor had to pick sand out of his eyeballs

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6 minutes ago, Richter said:

I've seen this like 100 times now and I just now noticed that it says "Sex" in the overlay on the top left.  I'm guessing that's something from another language?

Yeah per the bottom right it is the CamelToe cam known well in um.. THOSE countries.

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14 hours ago, Loco said:

missed opportunity to name this thread "Jesus take the wheel"



On 3/27/2018 at 7:24 AM, Lat22 said:

You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel. 

Yep.  Fuckin' brilliant. Even if it is a ripoff.  Still giggling at this.


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