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KarenKeyLargo - Greatest Hits Thread


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This is smart. When Hamm makes his triumphant comeback, we want pure celebration. 

That said, here's the time she pitched changing the aggy War Hymn


and the time she drooled all over an unwilling Myles Garrett to prove she wasn't racist after her string of objectively racist posts related to BLM and her company's hiring practices (if someone could dig those up, you get Internet Points)


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Ainias Smith you say? You mean like when she was hanging out at his birthday party during the COVID? It's completely normal for a geriatric grandma booster to move from Florida to Texas to follow a coach and once moved befriend players/parents - exactly the way she did with FSU parents (Marvin Wilson's mom). Totally normal. Happens all the time, at every school. 

here's 2 more pictures from the bday party that I didn't see posted the other day - so the guest list was KKL and family? uhhh 




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42 minutes ago, SHOOTER12 said:

His football apartment? What in the ever loving fuck is that?  He had an apartment for his football?  His apartment tis shaped like, or looks like an apartment?  Galdammit minds WILL be bottled.

Look he might occasionally invite a football to his apartment and then what happens after that is up to a consenting adult and a football 

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6 hours ago, TommyGufano said:

That kook and her mutt going to a player's bday party is the strangest shit I think I've see from her. What the fuck?? 

I’d like it explained from the kid’s family’s perspective.  the fact that they (presumably) invited her seems even nuttier. 

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