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2022 NLCS Phillies vs Padres


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4 minutes ago, Guadaloopy said:

I keep forgetting just how smart Smoltz is.  He knows exactly what should happen on every pitch and can point out exactly what every current pitcher is doing wrong.  With such expansive knowledge, he must have won <checks notes> one World Series during his career.

Yep. But still infinitely better than Costas.

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Should be calm and high 50s for the next two games. Sunday possible storms in the afternoon.

Teams are pretty evenly matched. Now that we're into games with the 3-4 starters and probably lots of bullpen innings, I guess that favors the Padres. Especially since I think Rob Thomson will have a quick hook and Phillies have to pray not to get blown out from like the 4th-7th innings. SD bullpen is pretty strong even in the middle.

Games probably come down to which bats get hot beyond the handful of MVP types.

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