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2022 NLCS Phillies vs Padres


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god damn i love kyle schwarber. recap of his AB just now: 45 seconds of Thuggish Ruggish Bone, kyle is in the box for 15 seconds, he swings, the ball goes 440', end of AB. playoff schwarber is best schwarber. his highlight reel of playoff rocket shots is quite impressive. 

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16 hours ago, TonyTexas said:

As an Astros fan, I’m not happy about that. 


16 hours ago, Amos Moses said:

Yeah … same. I’m a bit vexed by it.

If the WS is Astros v. Phils I'm definitely putting $100 down on the Phils.  If the Astros win, who cares about the $100?  If the Phils win, at least I get paid.

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