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I built my own damn stage.


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Just now, ChickenSandwich said:

How much do you have to pay the neighbors?  Will any of them turn the hose on you?

I put my immediate neighbors on the guest list.  Other folks from down the street are excited.  So far, so good.  We'll see after the first performance in June.

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On 5/11/2023 at 12:45 PM, Nuge said:

After years of talking about it I finally went ahead and built a stage in my backyard to host live music performances.  I'm pretty fucking excited. 

I'm currently using Side Door Access to book touring musicians to come play in my backyard.

Memorable shows in any space — Side Door (sidedooraccess.com)

Some of you have seen pictures of my barage in the garage beer drinking thread.  I kicked up to 11 and added the venue.  I spent a great deal of time thinking of a great name and came up with Backyard at the Barage.  I know, catchy, right?

In the pictures you'll see wires running up the back and over the top.  I have hops growing up them and will eventually have a living, green backdrop and ceiling.  In the fall I plan on harvesting them and brewing beer.

Backyard at the Barage | Vancouver WA | Facebook

Anyway, I just wanted to come here so you bastards could shit on me and bring me back down to earth.

If anyone is in the Portland area drop me a line.  Would love to have a beer and listen to some music.






Careful around it.


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