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The 2020 Academy Awards of the Oscars Trophies

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3 minutes ago, DigDug said:

Au contraire, he played that perfect.  Helped, but gave the man space to do it himself.  Best he could have done.

I’m not saying he did it with ill intention and he did go for the hug at the end as they cut away, but clip media is going to show him leaning away and grimacing and make fun. It may be forgotten but he’s been memed enough over the years so who knows...

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1 minute ago, DougO said:

Netflix and streaming shit shouldn't even qualify.

Well, they’ve bought old theaters and run these movies in limited release so they can be nominated.  It’s actually a pretty smart business model if you have intelligent writers and fairly formulaic set needs. 

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1 minute ago, rage-a-holic said:

The absolutely last thing I think of as "Music in Filmmaking" is Eminem.

Right.  Tiny Dancer from Almost Famous is iconic, the shot from Reservoir Dogs with ‘Stuck in the Middle’, iconic.  Eminem singing a song from his movie is a different boat 

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7 minutes ago, GreenspointTexas said:

How in the fuck did Once Upon A Time in Hollywood win over 1917 in production design?


The Academy always votes for itself, the only good war movies to ever win always had some anti-war agenda. Actors are some of the most self-congratulatory people on the world.

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