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7 hours ago, Hawndoh said:

Now let's just hope you can play it without being online, without buying lootbox card packs, and without paying a subscription service....

Yea that's the only problem with fucking EA but I will enjoy this regardless

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Some scuttlebutt:


EA Sports College Football Game Seemingly Won't Launch Until July 2023
If this ends up being true, EA Sports College Football will return 10 years after its last game.

By Adam Bankhurst

While EA revealed the exciting news that EA Sports College Football would be returning for the first time since 2013, newly discovered documents reveal the first game in the revived franchise may not arrive until July 2023.
As reported by GameSpot, Extra Points' Matt Brown obtained records from the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the company EA has partnered with on this College Football game relaunch, that state the game won't be out for a while.

"According to internal documentation from CLC that I obtained via Open Records request, the CLC told FBS institutions that EA Sports intends to release the new video game in 'July of 2023.'" Brown wrote on Twitter.

The documentation obtained by Brown also includes numerous other details about the proposal to make new college football games, and you can subscribe to read them all.

Some of these details include EA visiting schools to gather reference for items that cannot be sent (like stadiums), access to logos, uniforms, costumed mascots, "non-costumed mascots/traditions," school-owned band recordings, trophies, and more.

EA Sports College Football, when it does return, will include more than 100 institutions in the upcoming game, including their logos, stadiums, uniforms, gameday traditions, and more.

While the game will not include student-athlete names, images, and likenesses, "EA Sports is continuing to watch those developments closely."

For more on the EA Sports College Football saga, check out our IGN Unfiltered episode with EA Sports EVP and GM Cam Weber on how the NCAA lawsuit ripped the "heart and soul" out of the studio, but how it also had a silver lining.

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