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Jimbo 2023: Watch.The.Tape.


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11 minutes ago, Elmer_Fudd said:

You know this had hurt for them to put the Texas logo by the #1 Texags player in the class.


He's only ranked that high because

1) its a long wait til signing day and it's possible he still takes visits and looks around

2) they will move him down as soon as aggy lands commitment from someone else in the top 10

Dollars to doughnuts he is not #1 this time next year.

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Quick note on a 5-star RB

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    I expect Rueben Owens to announce his summer visit schedule soon. The 2023 Texas commit has A&M as one of his first ones, but will be seeing a few other big schools as well. He is planning to work out at most of the stops but the A&M one is before the camps start. However, he will be spending multiple days in Aggieland.

    I had said this in the chat or maybe a different thread but Texas would rather have his commitment at this point than not have it. However, there is still a long time until he signs and, even right after committing, he said he still would take visits. Tommie Robinson has done a really good job here in making Owens feel wanted by A&M.

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3 minutes ago, Elmer_Fudd said:

Reading Tigerdroppings, they say Holstein doesn't want to go to LSU a year behind Walker Howard.  Also saw both were at the same school and Holstein transferred out Preston Stone style.

I think this is one that we might see Bama, Georgia, etc jump into when they bow out of the Arch sweepstakes, along with Imealeava 

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