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Jimbo 2023: Watch.The.Tape.


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On 7/17/2020 at 7:06 PM, golfclap said:

Aggy with another 2023 on the DL? where? oh, New Jersey. How's the tape? well... 





"“It is a little unorthodox, but I would say it is warranted.”


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4 minutes ago, golfclap said:

That would be a hell of a kickstarter to their 2023 class and give them some presence in the DFW area. 

Who needs presence in north texas when you have presence in north jersey?

Just kidding! ;)😂

Just looked at the 55 "prospects" offered and love the hustle of the defensive coaches based on offers handed out...north jersey or north texas, if there's a big DL or LB or DB, they're getting offered. WR, TE...not so much.

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On 1/28/2021 at 1:39 PM, PHLaggie said:

Is Pedo state allowed to recruit players this young, or is it ok since he's going to Roman Catholic High?

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They mad. I love the talk about hype. They won fucking 8 games against teams that barely won 37% of their fucking games last year and lucked into another bowl game where for the 3rd straight year the team they were playing was missing their best offensive weapons.

Our new coach but 50 on your ass in a game that was at HT.

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6 minutes ago, texifornia said:

TexAgs is here to tell us Malzahn would have been a better hire. Also, remember to stay inside the aggy Approved Thought bubble, kids!

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 I'm not particularly a fan of Cristobal or Smart but Oregon and Georgia have been a lot better than aggy with Jimbo Baggins. They've even been successful compared to real programs, too.

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14 hours ago, Lobwedgephil said:
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Based on what I heard tonight, this sounds like it was as hasty a decision as I've covered. Pretty wild turn of events, to the point that I'd give it some time to settle and let his recruitment pick up again down the road. 



Now imagine what Looch would have wrote if Owen's had committed to aggy.

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