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Big 10 Championship - Michigan vs Iowa - 7pm with Gus and Joel


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Iowa has been a pretender all year long.

First, they really have not really beaten anyone.
Game 1: W 34-6 over #17 Indiana.  Indiana ended the season with 3 wins - they sucked this year.
Game 2: W 27-17 over #9 Iowa State.  ISU was mediocre all year and has struggled w/ Iowa for some time - esp. under Campbell.
Game 6: W 23-20 over #4 Penn State.  PSU was overrated all year long and had 4 turnovers in the game.
Game 7: Purdue - and its notoriously mediocre defense - beat #2 Iowa 24-7 - at Iowa.  Petras had 4 INT.
Game 8: Wisconsin dismantled them 27-7.  Wisconsin held them to 156 yards of offense.

Iowa was not that great, but the rest of the Big10 West (Purdue, Wisconsin, and Minn) (1) were a little worse and (2) had OSU or Michigan on the schedule.

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3 minutes ago, cabowabo said:

You’re losing by 18 in the 4th quarter. Field the damn punt dipshit. 

Defense: We got them pinned.  Punting from their end zone.  It's going to be great field position.

Punt Returner: Not so fast my friend...

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2 hours ago, Bogeywon said:

Dear football gods,

me again. Just asking for a football victory for michigan, I’ve been good. I dumped 4300 on 2 tickets $450 on a room and a car t and from the game for $300. All went to shit. Wife got covid had to dump everything and lost my ass. Just let them win please

You got the win.  

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