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Below Deck


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9 hours ago, CHIEF said:

Another addict here. Wife doesn't watch it though. What's the deal with Collin? Does the dude just try too hard? Dude couldn't get laid in a morgue.


I'm pretty certain Collin is gay.  He's not out-out, so I think the show doesn't play it up and uses him as plot fodder for romance that's not really there.

There's some real smoke on the Thai season.  Courtney is Hannah/Sierra Storm level rude.

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6 hours ago, Mac8111 said:

Courtney seems like she would be unbelievably bad in bed.

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She might be ok if you can tune out the sound of her complaining about the thread count of the sheets.  

She's not that attractive either, she's a solid 4 on the Below Deck interior hotness scale.

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I'm rapidly approaching the sick of her level of Kate. Everything is somebody else's fault. She takes the blame for nothing. I know there's a confrontation at some point this season from the previews. I hope it knocks her off her high fucking horse. I wonder if this season was shot before or after she was busted in Florida.


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On 11/6/2019 at 4:41 PM, The Ace of Aces said:

They actually got married. Shocking, I know. 

"It may be impulsive and stupid, but that's just who I am and that's how I handle things" ... or something pretty damn close to that lol. What a  basketcase. I loved how she acted all shocked and hurt that she had to get off the boat.


.... and my money's on Ross Inya as the 'new' deck hand.

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