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2023 OL Jaydon Chatman

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Excerpt from the Recruiting Notebook, via Justin Wells and staff:

How he fits at Texas: Chatman’s versatility could be a key factor here, with size for an interior guard but length and feet for offensive tackle. He’s a road-grader with excepti0nal hands, and his basketball skills easily translate on the gridiron. His point of attack is strong and his athleticism really shines on film. He carries the ideal disposition for an o-lineman in Kyle Flood’s regime. 

Coach says: Strengths — Good size and build for the interior line. Arms might even be tackle length. Very good hip and knee flex. Fires out quickly on the snap and shows quickness to reach block. Effective in combo blocks and climbs easily to second level. Athleticism is top class. He’s noticeably light on his feet with smooth footwork to pull around and lead power plays. He’s onto defenders in space quickly. Gets firmly engaged and keeps his opponent inside his power zone frequently. Looks like he generates good lower body power and that couples well with obvious upper body strength. Plays through the whistle and looks very technical throughout. Drives the bus and legs don’t stop moving which is a huge plus. Pass protection looks somewhat refined. His balance and ability to mirror the rusher are good. Doesn’t panic and will not give up the inside gap. This is a little more refined for the typical HS tackle.

Areas for Improvement/Concerns — Midsection is neither overly toned or flabby. Want him to add good weight. Height is fine for interior line, but is a little short for college tackle. Would like to see more consistent use of hands. Will sometimes drop them and doesn’t consistently stun guys. Lets defenders into his pads on some film (but this is not routine for him).


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1 hour ago, bad_teammate said:

Only 6'4 300lbs? Seems a little on the small side for this OL class, no?

I guess we need a nimble little guy in there.

Yes, but thats shoes off and he's only 16;)

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