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Zach Bryan


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From Austin is a great song. Something in the Orange is a close second. As a Navy veteran, he’d make a lot of sense on HSLR Veteran Appreciation Night. But they’ll probably go with Luke Bryan playing the national anthem on an acoustic guritar.

Fantastic artist. Leaving Austin and Something in the Orange are his singles, but his albums are terrific. 

Floor: Whiskey Myers

First Floor: Cody Johnson

Ceiling : REK

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I thought he was real boring when he first started showing up on my radar, but I’ve become a fan. He’s expanded his sonic palate and really grown as a songwriter.

My Top 5 songs:
Oklahoma City
Let You Down
Heavy Eyes
Motorcycle Drive By
Highway Boys

Seems like a good guy, too. A few of my cousins saw him play in KC back in May. They wandered backstage (drunk as hell) after the show, and security was going to toss them, but Zach saw it and said “hey, they’re cool” (he had never even seen them before) and gave them passes and beers and let them hang.

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I guess this dude is the "next big thing" ? 

I had heard about him, but just assumed he was bro country, because well....most of the popular country artists are bro country.  

Then last night I was looking up Trampled by Turtles tour dates and saw they were opening for him in May at Toyota center in Houston and that bitch is already sold out.  


So then I went and listened to a few of his songs because if TBT is with him I would now be shocked if he was bro country, and was pleased to hear that he is indeed not.  

Something in the Orange seemed like a really good song.   I possible may go try to check him out, but I scanned third party tickets (way too far out for that, but was just looking) and they are outrageous.  

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He's wildly popular with people in their 20's.  I dig him, but not the way his hardcore fans do.  They're absolutely nuts.

I think he's a very good songwriter and in the past year he's gone from playing for a couple thousand folks to 10,000+.  Seems like he's kept his head.

His openers are always really good modern country/Americana type folks.  Nothing "bro country" at all about it.

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Yeah listen to the crowd on Something in the Orange from his Red Rocks album. They adore him.

He’s trying to fight Ticketmaster, and he started off saying he’d never sign with a label (he did). I dig him.

And yeah these country guys need to get some different names. Very confusing.
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