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Formula 1 2023

Anton Chigurh

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Well done Alpine, both cars in the top-10. 

Driveshaft failure for Max can be overcome tomorrow. 

Aston with a nice day, too.

George with a nice start tomorrow, too.

The gal, Bernie, who was with Aston, did a nice job on the broadcast.

I like it.

33 minutes ago, deft said:

Sucks for Sargent. Y’all having volume issues with f1tv?

I am watching ESPN so I don’t know about that.


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Is the actual racing going to be any good on the track? It's so narrow and wind-y that there doesn't seem to be much room to pass. 

But the starting grid is *chef's kiss* -- teams varied up and down, Ferrari and RB each having one car out of the top 10. Could be great to watch tomorrow.

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Race race to be determined by turn one and pit strategy (over/under cut low deg). 

I thought last week would have been a fantastic race if you just removed dominant max. Now we the get best of both worlds with a fun starting grid and a handicap for Max. But……

We get a narrow ass street circuit 

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Can’t wait until the last few races where max has already wrapped the up the WDC (and most likely the WCC with checo) and we start to speculate before races if he’ll run the race in reverse but with no side mirrors just to establish his dominance.

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1 hour ago, kevwun said:

Max was faster than everyone except Checo when he was on hards in fp3.  They might start him on them to skip a stop.

I don’t think we’ll see any two stops unless there are safety cars. Jeddah is very low deg. 

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On 3/18/2023 at 9:30 AM, Mittens said:

I'm liking what Bernie Collins brings to the table.  Be nice if English was her first language, but still informative.

Yep. Meanwhile, Damon is completely lost and clueless AF. Dude brings nothing to the show. They'd be better off with Johnny, and that's saying something. There are loads of F1 fans out there who could add far more to the show than Damon does.

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22 hours ago, deft said:

Sucks for Sargent. Y’all having volume issues with f1tv?

Yep. Bad breaks so far in Q for Logan, but the kid is legit quick af. A freind who's worked with him told me a few months ago that people would be surprised how quick he is, and it's turned out to be 100% true. This guy's been right on every single thing he's told me, over 10+ years. He told me today that he's already on pace with Albon's, who is highly regarded.

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Fernando on the front row in a legitimately quick car ... life is good.

2 minutes ago, RPM said:

63 years since AM has started front row? I had no idea it was that long.

Yep, and their quickness in 2 very different types of tracks bodes very well for the season. This car has a great base to work with.

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14 minutes ago, BigDHornfan said:

Does RB ask Perez to let Max by and if so, does he do it?


With Perez having an 4.5 second lead with only 15 laps to go, I’d say it’s a moot point

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1. What happened to Bottas?

2. I don't think Sergio has figured out if you want to be the world champion, you have to go for the jugular at all times. Have to be selfish.

3. I didn't think Max could find the spots to pass all those cars, but seems like RB+DRS = unstoppable

4. Watching a lot of that race is nausea inducing. Way too many tight, moving shots... even more than normal

5. Please, no more visor cam. It's a gimmick until they can figure out the glare situation. They had it during passes and you couldn't even see the other car.

6. Who would have thought DR would finally make a good career move by just not racing this year.

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