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NBA Playoffs 2023


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2 hours ago, Vic Mackey said:

I'm sure GSW will still win the series but a great start by the Kings tonight. Very fun to watch

sacramento can win this series. GS was not good on the road this year, and sacramento has home court advantage. they're also an underrated team who almost nobody actually watched play this season. plus they're at their best playing at the same pace that GS wants to play at. this is going to be a very close series, and i only give GS the edge due to experience.

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This is why I hate ESPN's NBA coverage. This is playoffs pregame on ABC. Not first take or PTI or some bullshit. What the fuck kind of question is this?


How does anyone look at that Clippers team without PG and come away thinking they're a legitimate contender with pressure on them to do anything? 

Suns are -500 to win this series. 

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On 4/15/2023 at 12:55 PM, Dutchrudder said:

Let's go Cavs! I'm sure many NBA fans will root for Cleveland because Knicks tears are the best tears. 

I have a buddy who played for the Knicks, so I always kind of rooted for them to do okay.

Plus, I can’t root for anything from Cleveland so I won’t mind if NYK beat them.

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7 minutes ago, Brothahorn said:

The Memphis offense just raggedy. They won't make it out of the 2nd round.

I feel like it's such a crapshoot with these 4 teams. I took Memphis to the WCF but I wouldn't be surprised if any of them made it. SAC has looked like the best team of the 4 through 1 game. 

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1 minute ago, Blotto said:

Its game 1, but if you think thats the series.....ok. 

If Ja just broke his hand then yes, I think that's probably the series. 

Then again AD has the potential to be out for 4 weeks at the drop of a hat. 

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Jackson kind of melted down there in the clutch. I'm not sure if they were playing drop coverage by design but why would you when he can switch? He went under the screen twice in a row and left Reaves wide open. Then turned the ball over twice on the other end, and then fouled AD trying to switch on the next possession. Game over. 

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