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The Airplane Fanatic Thread


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1 hour ago, Party_Taco said:

That is spectacular!!!

So the wife opted out but is still pissed? Typical…

 I will let it slide. I think she is acting pissed, but she knows that was a cool thing to do with my dad. We came up here since tomorrow is mother's day. My mother and Step-Mother (like a mom to me) are both gone. Wife's as well. So we all decided to hang out. But that is another story.

She had driven about 2K miles in the past week, including being in the field in fucking Oklahoma. She hates that damn place. If I had known we were going up, I would have pushed the issue.

But hoping the weather clears up for a 2 hour window tomorrow and she can go up and I get to go again!

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Who fucked up here? 


The Air Force is investigating what caused an ejection seat to go off, killing an instructor pilot on Monday.

The incident happened at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls.

The instructor, Captain John Robertson, was training with the 80th Flying Training Wing.

The instructor was in a T-6A Texan II when the ejection seat activated during a ground operation.

Captain Robertson died from injuries sustained from the incident. 

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If you ever fly into Savannah, make sure to pay attention to the Air Force side of the runway. They had an assortment of the different jets the AF fly as well as a number of T-38 Talons and other planes. My pilot took his time on the approach to takeoff so we could check everything out. They also had a Sikorsky CH-53K sitting out there, it’s hard to believe how massive that helicopter is even sitting next to F-22’s and 35’s. This isn’t my picture, but this is what it looks like right off the edge of the runway except the planes are all newer versions.IMG_0665.thumb.jpeg.34dc82c6a5a7fd4ac3a77aeabb954ccb.jpeg

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