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Shit's Borked


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11 hours ago, WhatTheBuck said:

Well, I suppose it's reasonable to assume stanco is getting the functionality he described. I wouldn't have expected that to be a client-end function but apparently it is.

Sorry for the delay, left work at lunch and went to shoot guns and drink beer and ride SXS's at the duck lease. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Can read and so forth on Android/Chrome, but the spacing and stuff is all off.

Also, the "black chrome" theme has the text areas with white backgrounds and white text... and I thought it was supposed to be a black chrome thing. Stupid white supremacy, borking up shit.

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3 minutes ago, miguelito said:

What happened to the "top of page" button?  I'm gonna blow out my finger having to scroll.

Nvmd, just noticed the new improved button.

I'm not seeing it. There's a "top of page" button at the bottom of the page on the left side for me but the one that floated on the bottom right is gone.

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