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Shit's Borked


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30 minutes ago, Tommy Nobis said:

Tapa borked for me also.  Saying I don't have permission to reply to threads.


15 minutes ago, huge said:

That's what happened to me.  

Did a re-install but that no work.

I'll try the cache clear

This is happening to me. Logged out of Surly in Tapa, logged back in and Cleared Cache in Safari -- don't know how to clear cache in Tapatalk (if you can even do that).

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22 hours ago, blacklab said:

I know. I needed my hamm fix. Finally got a free minute at work and boop, sites down.

Was right there with you. I was about to flip to the last page (at the time) of the Hamm thread when it was just getting spectacular and the site went dark right as it was in between pages. It was like the final scene in THE CABLE GUY.

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1 minute ago, markstanco said:

That wasnt very nice. 

I thought that might have been misunderstood. What I'm saying is that I've checked all four boxes for all the users I have on ignore and I still see all the posts quoting them. I don't see the functionality you're describing. It works the same as on the old site. 

There is sort of a bug, though, where if an ignored user posts a new message between the time you view the thread and the time you post, when the page refreshes the ignored user's post isn't hidden.

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