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Fuck Big 12 refs


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1 minute ago, irishtexan said:

Penalties on nearly every play. And then picking up flags that were actually penalties. I can’t understand it

Almost like they are trying to steer the game a certain way and are REALLY shitty at hiding it. They don't even care at this point, they've gotten away with so much.

I looked up where some of the most horrible refs are from back a few years ago, all from small shit hole towns in Texas. They all hate Texas, we should go independent and let the big12 crumble. I mean shit the big 12 is just a Dr. pepper commercial anyway, we don't even have history with these teams except chokelahoma and lite.

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8 minutes ago, Patrick Bateman said:

One of the worst officiated games I've seen and we're not done with first quarter.  I'm not a blame the refs guy, but they've been horrible thus far.

Okie lite 2015 they were at least sort of subtle

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Here we go now they are going to throw out our players for normal football plays.

In the SEC the game goes on and every play is played hard. In the big 12 you can't even make a tackle or hit the QB and stay in the game.

What a joke conference

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