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2022 MLB thread

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Mark Appel called up to the big leagues by the Phillies today. 9 years after being the #1 overall pick, 4 years after getting hurt and quitting the game, over 1 year after beginning his comeback attempt. Fuck of a story.

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18 minutes ago, Beau Vine said:

Crawford and Winker definitely threw punches, so they'll be getting vacations.

Yep. No doubt there were a lot more than that. After MLB looks at it frame by frame, these teams are going to be playing extremely short handed for some games. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Beau Vine said:


"Bullpens coming in now!"

LOL at them running in side by side and mixed, such poseurs, not a single one with a quick tripping move or even a shoulder along the way.

That said, Helob is an idiot, overall we got our money's worth there.

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Sofie Dill, a Mariners fan living in Arkansas, is a staunch defender of Winker on Mariners Twitter. “He gets a lot of hate there.” Dill believes better days are ahead, and she liked how Winker stood up for himself and his team Sunday. Dill imagined Winker spending the rest of the game sitting alone in an empty clubhouse, and a thought occurred to her and turned into a tweet:

Dill decided it was worth paying $25 for the bit. She opened the Doordash app and ordered a small pepperoni pizza from Mountain Mike’s Pizza, nine miles north of Angel Stadium, with the drop-off note: “For the visitors clubhouse, pizza is for Jesse Winker.” Dill did not expect this to work. She pegged the odds of Winker eating a single slice of that pie at “zero percent.”

When the delivery driver, Simranjeet Singh, reached out, Dill restated the instructions. Singh seemed unshaken. Off he went to retrieve the pizza. Dill documented the entire delivery saga in a Twitter thread. As she tracked Singh’s location, the odds of the pizza reaching Winker steadily increased.

In the sixth inning, the driver and the pizza arrived at the ballpark. “I got to the stadium,” Singh said Sunday night, “and thought, ‘Oh my god, the parking is full.’” He found a temporary spot and strode to Gate 6. He asked to speak with a security guard and was steered to a guard station. Singh handed over the pizza to two guards, and, just like that, they completed the mid-game clubhouse delivery for him.

“It wasn’t until I saw him literally inside Gate 6 that I thought, ‘This might actually work. They didn’t kick him out,’” Dill said, laughing as she added, “I would have gotten a much bigger pizza if I knew this would blow up.”

Then Dill got a direct message from @jessewinker:

Sofie I got the pizza
Thank you
I appreciate it a lot!

(The Athletic independently verified that Winker received the pizza and that it was good. “Mariners fans are amazing!” Winker texted when asked about it.)

Before their delivery-app connection expired, Dill and Singh exchanged contact information, and Dill explained that a lot of Mariners fans wanted to chip in for an extra tip. “I thought she meant like five or 10 people,” Singh said. “Money is money. Everyone needs money. So, I was like, OK.” Singh quickly set up a Venmo account, and Dill shared the details on Twitter. Donations poured in. Singh sent the link to his wife, Gurmeet Kaur, who was at home with their 9-month-old son, Armaan, and that was the first she heard of it.

“All of a sudden,” Kaur said, “he was like, ‘Do you know what happened to me today?!’ He explained everything. I was like, ‘What the heck? Really?'”

Singh’s email inbox overflowed. By Sunday night, he estimated between 300 and 400 people had donated.

(Courtesy of Simranjeet Singh)
“I just got home, and I still can’t explain what happened to me the last five hours,” he said. “I’m still in my dreams right now. This is a life-changing delivery for me right now. I’m really thankful to Sofie. In the last five hours, she did so, so, so much for me. Thank you to each and every person who tipped me. I don’t even know you. But you helped me a lot, a lot, a lot.”

“It’s a wonderful act of kindness Sofie did for us,” Kaur added. “We’re so thankful. It’s just luck. He got lucky today.”



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1 hour ago, Helobious said:

Out of the Yankees 40 home games so far, 25% have ended in a walk-off. And I get made fun of for saying Yankee magic is real.

That might be true but you’d still have to explain why A leprechaun tripped Gleyber Torres yesterday.

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On 6/26/2022 at 5:52 PM, clapclapclap said:

"Bullpens coming in now!"

LOL at them running in side by side and mixed, such poseurs, not a single one with a quick tripping move or even a shoulder along the way.

That said, Helob is an idiot, overall we got our money's worth there.

Yeah, was a fun fight. Actual contact. 

Agree about the relievers running in. Fight in the outfield. 

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