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2024 P Michael Kern


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14 hours ago, texifornia said:

@Ricky's one-hitter, you've actually broken down the high school punter stats - I believe you said this guy has a weaker leg than the Westlake P, but is a lot more consistent?

According to Kohls, yup. 



Kern competed at the Underclassman Challenge in January of 2023. His frame and "A" ball make him the most exciting prospect in the 2024 class. His short compact approach should allow him to continue to develop as a punter in the years to come. Kern scored 104.85 points on his punt charts and he also has the ability to kick off down the road as well. His first Kohl's ranking event was the 2022 Kohl's National Scholarship Camp. He scored 18 points during the field goal charting sessions, finished with an average score during kickoffs of 102.53 over the weekend and had an average hang time during the punt charting of 4.10 seconds over all three sessions. Kern has the ability to be one of the top combo prospects in his class and should be in for some exciting moments ahead in his career!


Kohls '24 P Rankings

  1. Drew Miller - Offered
  2. Bobby Engstler
  3. Spencer Barnett (Westlake)
  4. Michael Kern - Committed

In comparing their evals, it seems they chose to rank Barnett higher on ceiling, and we know Banks prefers consistency over leg. 


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