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What’s in your smart home?


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6 minutes ago, Doc Holliday said:

giving away all your data, eh?

Pretty much. A couple of years ago I had a client bring me in so that I could help out with a project between a power company, couple of IoT companies and one very large Big Data company. The power company was sitting on a shit ton of data but didn't know what to do with it. The Big Data company saw a lot of value and was hungry to get their hands on it. Can't go into specifics but your question is spot on.

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3 minutes ago, F250 said:

Pretty much. A couple of years ago I had a client bring me in so that I could help out with a project between a power company, couple of IoT companies and one very large Big Data company. The power company was sitting on a shit ton of data but didn't know what to do with it. The Big Data company saw a lot of value and was hungry to get their hands on it. Can't go into specifics but your question is spot on.

yes, it is the world we live in.  Data as a whole is a trillion dollar market.  The more invasive and profiling it is, the more value. 

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I have some light sensing hallway bulbs, some bedroom bulbs controlled by remote, lamp bases with USB ports, and sometimes an IP camera is plugged in.


Quite dumb. 


But I'm paranoid about everything being connected and recorded.


Oh and my car can be controlled by smartphone (e.g. remote control of lights and heating)

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Occupancy sensor switches in small closets and laundry room. 

Qmotion automated shades.

About to integrate with the Legrand/Vantage InFusion Controller with the RF switches so I can set scenes throughout the house and use the switches to control the lights/shades in individual rooms. I'll eventually add the touchscreen switch to control the shades, lights, audio, check weather and whatever else features they add. 

Honeywell smart thermostats.

Liftmaster MyQ for garage.

Alarm system.

Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon TV, etc  

About to install PoE cameras.


A coworker of mine programmed majority of his house using a Tridium JACE.  I was beyond impressed looking at the station copy and seeing how he incorporated all the different protocols.

Surprisingly the soon to be wife has been very receptive to the technology.



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wemo plug with an IR heater plugged in sitting in the garage facing my home gym so i can get the barbell warmed up before i go out in 10 F weather to lift

a number of lifx wifi lights (no hub required) that will do any color + IR

ibaby monitor with night vision, temp/humidity/VOC sensors, etc.

soil moisture sensors + automated sprinkler system that i can control via web interface or API calls I built myself

a number of docker containers running designed by me, one for example watches the network for IIRC ARP packets from those amazon clicker things, one of which i used months ago to mark when our baby started or stopped drinking a bottle and then i could pull up a graph later

long term i plan to have sensors for all circuits in the house to monitor electricity use, primarily so when my wife says "your computer is on too much" i can point out how very little power computers use compared to refrigerators and shit

Edit: also alexa with some custom apps i wrote to help me cook hands free using recipes, a Zipp Mini smart speaker that I have some code on my network running to stream white noise to when I put the baby down for a nap, i think some other things

I basically dick around coming up with Doc Brown bullshit in my copious free time

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I also really want to figure out a sweet RFID solution that i'll have with me at all times in the house (put one in my PJs waistband or something?) so I can program my house to behave certain ways as I move around, like when I get out of bed it heats up the espresso machine so i can brew as soon as i get down there, etc.

oh yeah i have one of the nest thermostats that will turn the AC/heat on when i'm on my way home, which is pretty neat in theory but since we have pets that we spoil it doesn't get used in practice

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The smart home and me are having problems. I installed one of those smart locks (gen 2 Kwikset Kevo), but after you walk in, my office is to the right and then extends forward, so I wind up sitting at my desk about in line with the door. I of course have my phone there. So the fucking lock wants to randomly lock or open when you walk in or out of the house. We quickly got in the habit of not closing the door all the way when putting out the trash, getting a package, etc. because the thing might try to close the deadbolt. Now its deactivated. I will give it another try when my office gets turned into the new babies room and I get kicked down the hall to the proper office.

I installed a Ring Pro 2 doorbell. People walk up to the door. The image looks like complete ass. Even though that is the shady side of the house, my porch is dark enough compared to a blue sky that it has to massively boost the exposure to get anything and it turns into mush. I installed at the height they said. I would uninstall and raise it, add the shims to point it down some, but it was a major pain in the ass to install. Our door frame is some fake wood that the shitty screws that came with the Ring broke off in, even when I pre-drilled. I would have 4 holes in that shit to patch if I move it. I could move it to the side of the door where the existing doorbell is, but then I don't see someone until they are right there and people already ignored the existing doorbell. Plus then I would be drilling into brick and installing anchors. No thanks. This isn't my forever home.

My basic ass Arlo's have worked really well. Even the busier one at the front entry I only have to change batteries twice a year. Then a few weeks ago I did the battery change on a couple of them, we leave the house, I try to log in, and the system is down.  I look online and it seems to be a systemwide outage. I forgot about it, then noticed a few days later hey no alerts when packages are delivered. I look again and they are saying reboot the main box and you may have to re-sync cameras. Rebooted it, they wouldn't sync. Deleted it from my account, nope. Did the full reset, nope. Finally tech supported and they tried to make me redo all the stuff I had done. Finally they said, yeah that seems fucked. You're out of warranty but we're going to replace it anyway. Hmmmm.  I'm pretty sure they pushed a firmware and that crashed everything, and in my case bricked the receiving box. It's all back up and working fine now but imagine you are traveling when they fuck you, and you're not there to reboot the main box.

Even LED lights have been shit. Well the ones that go in the can lights anyway. I bought some with good reviews on Amazon, installed them, and within a year, half had burned out. I guess it was a known thing because when we notified them, they sent replacements for those, as well as the rest that hadn't went bad. It was like karma for me bragging about how we will never again have to bring the ladder in here and change these. So far none of the replacements have went out but I'm not holding my breath.


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WeMo WiFi light switch turns on/off my front porch lights at dusk/dawn. It automatically adjusts to changing sunset/sunrise times. Best $40 ever. 

Honeywell WiFi thermostats. I’ve had programmable before, but changing the program was a pain. Now I can adjust the program with a few clicks on the app. Also great is the ability to turn the thermostats way up when leaving town in the summer without having to come home to a hot house. A couple clicks a few hours before arriving and the temps are perfect when I get home. 


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Absolutely at my house with kids who forget to turn off lights. 7 to 8 watts vs 75 is a bunch. 
Same here. Lowe's had a pack of 4 bulbs for $4 a while back so I bought a shitload of them and replaced everything in the house. It's made a huge difference.

One Z wave device turns on/off a lamp when we arm/disarm the alarm.

Smart thermostat, don't have a nest, may need to look into that.

One Alexa dot plus the usual smart TVs, tablets, etc.
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On 3/31/2018 at 10:42 AM, Capt said:

What is the proper repair for This? I don't have a large budget. 

Are there contractors that do this or is it a do it yourself project?

If you don't have a large budget, or if you do, it is cheaper to keep her.  

There can be a silver lining of them being dumb.

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On 3/27/2018 at 9:43 PM, TTU13 said:

About to install PoE cameras.

Which ones? Local DVR?


  • Phillips Hue
  • Chamberlain MyQ
  • Ring Pro
  • TiVo/TiVo Minis/TV’s/Roku/Tablets/Phones


On list to add:

  • Door locks
  • PoE cams w/ local storage DVR
  • FX Lumiere 


Will not be adding any listening devices like alexa/google/etc.


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I have a 2/1  900 sqft Condo downtown built in 68 that I remodeled 10 years ago.  

I have :

Philips Hue Can lights.  I got an app, Hue Disco, that hears my music and changes my lights to the beat (novelty).  But, it is nice saying Alexa , lights 10 percent.

For Xmas I got a cheap Ilife V5S vacuum and mop (all tile floors).  $150.  It does the job.  It is stupid.  it bangs into stuff , and moves on.  But it is better than me doing it, and it gets done.

A Nest thermostat.  I've had that for a couple of years.  I bought it after I had a $190 September electric bill.  The next September it was $120.

Alexa on the tv's and in the rooms.


It  all makes my life easier.  Pretty basic.  


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On 4/7/2018 at 11:34 AM, joe dirt said:

my biggest problem is that i want to control everything in one app.  being an apple whore isn’t helping my situation either.

anybody use a wink hub or something similar?

Apple has announced that it’ll be opening up its smart home features.  Previous to get into apples Home ecosystem you had to have an apple approved hardware which limited their products.  Now they are moving toward software security and it’ll allow for more providers to get in the game.  I have a smart hub but I hate it.  I’m hoping apple can figure out a way to take over this space and make my life easier.  (I can dream)


I have alarm.com , linq garage, August smart lock and doorbell cam, hue lights, wemo switches, a nest and a smart things hub that I only really use for 1 z wave light switch.

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