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Embedding videos and photos

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3 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Click the Up arrow in bottom right of tweet, then ‘Copy Link’. The link will look like this... 


And embed like this... 


Furk.  I get the copying the link part (by Clicking the arrow labeled “share”) but it wont let me simply paste the link into the reply here.  If I click on the little chain link in the bar above the reply field and paste the copied link into the box, this is what I get (above).


btw, thanks for helping us regards with this. For some reason it’s simple on other message boards I go to but I can’t get it right here.  

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I’m on iPad now & my previous reply. If I click the Share button in the tweet above, then Copy, then try to paste here, nothing happens, it’s blank. Way around that is a little annoying, but paste in a new tab, then start over. You have to see ‘Copied to clipboard’ before it will paste & embed here. 

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38 minutes ago, Bill Lumbergh said:

@immamac - nearly all photos aren't showing up the last few days.  Links from Twitter/X/other are working, but any images on media.surlyhorns.com aren't showing up (at least for me).

Anything I need to change or try?  I'm using the site (no app) on Android + Chrome.

If you are on Verizon or similar. Change your dns to (you should do this anyway) 

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@immamac, X (née Twitter) links aren’t embedding. I’ve tried a few over the last day:




I’m using Chrom on IpadOS 16.6, and on my phone on iOS 16.6.

Maybe a coding change needed to catch up with Twitter.com migration to X.com?

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46 minutes ago, immamac said:

Stop posting x links. They redirect to Twitter. There is no x.com 


Something I've noticed is if you're on an iphone or ipad, the link shows up as x and doesn't embed. If I'm on my hp laptop, the link shows up as twitter and it works.


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