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2021 Texas Offseason: Sark Attacks Austin

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10 hours ago, MaybeACoordinator said:

Metcalf was a better version of Reggie Bush. Played on shitty teams his whole career, for the most part. And yeah, ahead of his time. 


Thanks for posting this. That old (slow) film really doesn’t even do him justice as to how quick and sudden he was with his cuts. He had one in the Bluebonnet Bowl against Pitt where he just sprang 3 yards laterally, quick as a hiccup. 

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2 minutes ago, RaysBoomBoomRoom said:

Yeah sorry I thought it would embed like the tweets do. I was hoping someone could post it, I don't have access either

I thought I posted it on the recruiting board (where it is much more relevant).


Billy Glasscock is Texas' newest director of player personnel. Glasscock is set to arrive in Austin today, and he does so as well or better prepared than any previous director of player personnel for the Longhorns. This year will be his 11th leading the player personnel efforts of a major college program.

He was head of personnel for Minnesota from 2011-2016 and NC State from 2017-2020. Yet unlike many player personnel directors, Glasscock is also a former coach, spending time at both the high school and junior college level before taking an off-field role at Northern Illinois.

In doing research on Glasscock for this story, I contacted several former and current assistants at Minnesota and NC State.

A common theme emerged.

Glasscock is considered thorough and a true professional dedicated to his craft.

"You'll like Billy," one former Minnesota coach told me. "He's not a politician. He's blue collar, with poise and knowledge."

"When I tell you that he is detailed, I mean he is very detailed," a NC State coach said. "He will stand on the table for kids and he'll have the info and data to back it up. He's not just some yes man for the assistant coaches. He really does the work."

Of course, liking someone or hearing about their prowess is one thing. But in recruiting and player personnel, the proof is in the pudding.

And frankly, that's where Glasscock stands out even more.

At Minnesota, Glasscock was forced to find players overlooked by other, bigger-name programs in an area of the country with fewer recruitable athletes than Texas, California or the Deep South.

All he did during his term in Minneapolis is find 10 players who went on to become NFL draft picks that no other Power 5 program offered a scholarship to until after Minnesota had offered first.

Case in point, Antoine Winfield Jr. of The Woodlands. Winfield was an All-American at Minnesota and made the NFL's all-rookie team playing for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Minnesota beat out Houston, Eastern Michigan and Lamar for his services. Teams like Missouri, Northwestern and Purdue offered later.

Likewise, there's Damien Wilson, a linebacker, who also just played in the Super Bowl for the Chiefs. Glasscock helped identify Wilson at Jones Junior College in Mississippi where the Golden Gophers beat out the likes of Florida International and Louisiana Tech for his signature.

Then there's Maxx Williams. The tight end from Wacoma, Minn., had not another Division I scholarship offer, yet Williams became the first tight end picked in the 2015 draft.

At Minnesota, Glasscock had to be resourceful. He signed a high school quarterback and the Gophers turned him into a defensive end, and he also ended up getting drafted. They signed a running back from Killeen Ellison, David Cobb, well after national signing day, and one again with no other Power 5 scholarship offers, that ended up later getting drafted.

Once Jerry Kill was not retained, Glasscock moved to NC State where he has continued to find players to make the Wolfpack competitive despite a lower profile compared to teams like North Carolina and Clemson in their own backyard.

According to an NFL scout, the Wolfpack have between 10-13 players in the next two seasons that are expected to be combine-invites, including offensive lineman Ikem Ekwonu, who Pro Football Focus graded out as one of the best linemen in the country, and a likely first or second round pick.

Who did the Wolfpack beat for his signature? Georgia Tech, Appalachian State, Charlotte and Harvard among others.

Glasscock was not Steve Sarkisian's first choice for the job. That was initially Drew Hughes, the former South Carolina player personnel director who was never cleared to go to Texas because of a pending investigation surrounding his time at Tennessee.

Yet, just as former Washington defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski wasn't Sark's first choice for the same role at Texas, being the second choice sometimes ends up being a better choice.

"(Texas) hit a home run with him," one current NC State assistant told me.


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20 minutes ago, Royale with cheese said:

I see that Wescunt is trying to torpedo the program again--today's article saying (in effect) that Casey might as well hit the portal; Card's gonna' be the man. Thanks, asshole. 

While Wescott annoys me as much as he does any UT fan with half a brain, this seems like a normal article?


Pretty standard opinion piece about how Card winning the QB battle wouldn't be surprising, inspired by Sam's recent quotes and with some other recent quotes/videos.

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On 2/24/2021 at 11:32 AM, Red Five said:


Like trying to catch smoke. Secret favorite player of all time.


He really cemented my love of Texas, Burnt Orange, and the only player I can think of that I'd fanboy if I met him in person. Still have his NFL Rookie Card. 🤘 Forever.

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Like trying to catch smoke. Secret favorite player of all time.
He really cemented my love of Texas, Burnt Orange, and the only player I can think of that I'd fanboy if I met him in person. Still have his NFL Rookie Card.  Forever.

Its remarkable how bad those offenses were with Metcalf, the Cash brothers, Tony Jones, and Johnny Walker. Mark Murdock, Shannon Kelly were not the answer. Imagine if someone had the foresight to hire someone besides McWilliams, and implement a high-powered offense with good QB play.
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20 minutes ago, Eskimohorn said:

Its remarkable how bad those offenses were with Metcalf, the Cash brothers, Tony Jones, and Johnny Walker. Mark Murdock, Shannon Kelly were not the answer. Imagine if someone had the foresight to hire someone besides McWilliams, and implement a high-powered offense with good QB play.

Imagine? Shiiiiiit, fantasize about Aggy not having the 80's to hang their shitty little hat on. What I remember most is the inconsistency of the offense. Like a car engine with two bad spark plugs. Best compliment I heard about Metcalf came from an Aggy friend that said, "He's the only one. I never worried about any Texas player like Metcalf. That guy could take it to the house at any time." 

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I think it was during the McWilliams tenure, but there’s a slim chance it was Akers at the end, but I remember one ESPN game where we were particularly pathetic on offense against aggy, and former Pitt coach Mike Gottfried on color was just completely baffled how bad we were, no rhyme or reason for what we were doing. 

Speaking of Pitt, regarding the Metcalf run against them in the ‘87 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl mentioned upthread, that’s one of my great jaw dropping moments watching football. Similar to the GIF above when he was a Brown, but it was a run to the left, and he did the most amazing slalom move while seemingly still running full speed... he actually gave up a yard or two in the zigzag movement, sliding about three yards toward the sideline... but he was quickly north-south again for a big gain, maybe a TD. Ed Biles was doing color, and almost shit himself with excitement (maybe he did). I can’t find the highlight, damn it. 

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On 2/22/2021 at 11:18 AM, Machinator said:

IT team notes

  Hide contents

Seasoned offensive lineman Derek Kerstetter will return for his fifth year. He’ll compete at right tackle. We’ll try to go deeper into detail on the offensive line later in the week.

Three 2020 opt-outs have returned too: Jack OLB Marqez Bimage, RB Daniel Young, and WR Dajon Harrison are with the team. IT has reported on the first two, but I’m not sure on Harrison. The young receiver is back, though.

Brief team meeting on Sunday: It was only about 15 minutes with the topic being getting back on track after last week’s severe interruption. The team will likely make up for a couple of lost workouts.

Team run: When you hear ‘team run’ you think of a long, military style jog. Team run at Texas means the team is going over plays, holding short meetings, then heading to the bubble for a warm up, change of direction/agility drills, special teams walk through, then splitting into teams and working on alignments and calls, before finally finishing with sprints. (They haven‘t run anything over 40 yards as far as I know)

Workouts: Monday/Wednesday/Friday are more sprint, flexibility, and agility intensive, followed by some lighter lifting. A lot of these workouts are designed to improve balance, planting, shifting weight, etc. It’s working on committing common football movement patterns to muscle memory. Tuesday/Thursday are the much greater lifting workload.

This team is anxious for spring ball.


I haven't been following as closely as I should. Have we already had the update where we're told the new S&C coach is really focusing on technique?

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IT team notes



Ben Davis was the #10 nationally ranked player in the 2016 class. Out of Portho, AL, he unsurprisingly chose to stay in-state.

Things have not worked out for the linebacker due to injuries and lack of positional clarity. At Bama, even if you’re a five-star, you can get lost in the shuffle in a hurry. He’s expected to finish his career as a graduate transfer at Texas.

While the 6-foot-4, 240-pounder didn’t have a great fit at Bama as an ILB, he’ll potentially have two good ones in Pete Kwiatkowski’s defense. He could play the X-backer, the Jack-backer, or potentially both depending on the situation. He may even get a practice or two at ILB.

With a little time on the job, Steve Sarkisian, Kyle Flood, and Jeff Banks, have an idea of what they have on the roster, and also what they don’t. Davis is viewed as another option to help bolster the edge rush.

This staff has been proactive, already adding Ray Thornton from LSU who is working hard in Austin, and Ovie Oghoufo from Notre Dame who is set to join the program after the semester. Like Oghoufo, Davis is expected once Bama’s semester is completed.

At a minimum, adding real experience from winning programs (both Thornton and Davis have rings) at a need position is a big plus. But encouragingly, each guy offers some real upside at the position, and will allow Kwiatkowski to deploy two OLB’s more often in the pass-happy Big 12.


*The quarterbacks throw three times a week, and spend as much time with Sarkisian in the film room as they’re allowed. Sark’s looking for the most polished guy to start. Both QBs, Casey Thompson and Hudson Card, are confident they can win the job. This is a friendly rivalry; these two like each other. Perhaps that helps when the difficult decision is ultimately made.

*Sark's focus on offense is precision with shifts, formations, and motions. With RPOs, there's an emphasis for receivers to win at the line of scrimmage. Guys have to be able to catch and block, but getting into their route tree is also an important factor.

*There isn't a defined depth chart just yet. When they do the team run, like they’re doing this morning, the team breaks up into 1s and 2s, and 3s and miscellaneous, but nothing is close to being set on the depth chart. There is going to be a lot of tinkering. Right now the coaches are still learning what these guys can do.

*Cornerback Darion Dunn looks like he belongs; he’s incredibly fluid in his movements. Wide receiver Kelvontay Dixon is filling out, which should help him beat press. There’s a good chance he plays quite a bit in 2021. Recall, IT had sources who thought he was the second best receiver in practices last year after Joshua Moore.


Previously we’ve mentioned the staff thinks the o-line has some workable parts. They think they can win with these guys, however the Texas OL room won’t be confused for Bama’s any time soon. That’s where the 2022 recruiting class comes into play.

Offensive tackle: In an effort to add length to left tackle, the staff will test Christian Jones on the blindside. He’s always had the frame and athleticism, but was on a longer developmental curve. Perhaps he’ll be a test case for just how good Kyle Flood is.

Andrej Karic will still get his shot at tackle but lack of length is a concern for the coaches, at least initially. They want to see him tested versus athletic pass rushers, of which Texas doesn’t have a lot of.

Isaiah Hookfin will get a look at tackle. IT was quite surprised when it learned Herb Hand wanted to play him at guard rather than tackle. This staff had a similar response.

Derek Kerstetter’s return adds depth whether he starts or not, and also versatility. On the hoof he doesn’t look like Jones or Hookfin, but he’s scrappy and can move his feet. He may be a guard, however.

Interior: Jake Majors might not have been a prospect Bama would have pursued but the staff thinks he can be a good player. While there aren’t a ton of players to test Karic at OT, there are numerous NFL players to help sharpen Majors.

As stated, there is no depth chart, but it’s safe to say both Majors and Junior Angilau are very likely to start at center and left guard respectively.

Tyler Johnson, one of the few guys on the roster who looks like a Bama player, is said to be thought of highly by the staff. He has the baseline traits and shows good effort.

Denzel Okafor, Tope Imade, and Rafiti Ghirmai will also add competition and/or depth.

The staff is going to have 10 guys capable of playing and around 7-8 capable of starting.

The talent is not Bama, but it’s not bad. And yeah, if they can find a starter in the portal, they’ll add one.


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3 hours ago, maninblack said:

Sark isn't going to give a shit where the player is from Nu Nu


24 minutes ago, Tex Pete said:

I don’t really think Tom Herman did, either. Texas fans don’t. 


I mean, maybe if he had been from Texas he would have gotten a big statue. 

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4 hours ago, maninblack said:

Sark isn't going to give a shit where the player is from Nu Nu

I mean I realize its been about 7 weeks now, but he just won a fucking Natty with a 3-star QB from Florida who is now projected in the top 5 of the NFL draft for fucks sake.

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