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Caden Sterns

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22 minutes ago, HornsOverIthaca said:

Reminds me of that time I was in a mosh pit at metal show on the west coast, and right when the breakdown started some guy took off his prosthetic leg and hit me with it.

Some buddies of mine went to a Pantera show in 6th grade (my parents were not cool enough to let me go). The only thing they could talk about was the guy who was crowdsurfing in his wheelchair. Apparently he fell into the crowd and they lost sight of him, and a minute or so later the wheelchair popped back up without him in it. 


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I wonder if it might not be best for Caden to take a shirt this year, which he is eligible to do.  His struggles indicate to me that he'd greatly benefit from better strength & conditioning and more technical preparation for the position.  His incredible athletic gifts in terms of size, speed, length, agility etc. tend to mask these deficiencies but they really show when he's less than 100% and I don't want to see such a stellar talent get sucked into a black hole of aggravations / compensatory injuries.   Sorry if I sound like somebody's grandmother or something.  

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This is what We Are Texas means.
We are lucky to have such good young men representing the University.

What they are doing will change this country for the better, or at least get us all pointed in the right direction.

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