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Lane Kiffin to Ole Miss?


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13 minutes ago, Lhorn said:

Kiffin to Ole Miss was going to happen. Made for each other. Only surprised it took this long to happen.

well there was always a chance for Sark, but that is if you want to win the tailgate and have a coach that forgets to (or passes out before he can) make it into the stajium for the game

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WHO is shipping it's emergency penicillin reserves to Oxford as we speak.


I'm conflicted...  on the one hand, we all need more Joey Freshwater on the other hand, he has been in S Florida and is a good recruiter...  add in the Ole Mi$$ charm and he could do some damage to something other than strange.

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Lulz at how much they are going to pay him, because whatever it is, Layla is getting her cut:





But there was another part about the story where Kiffin tries to make himself out to be a victim but really isn’t. He complained about not really making any money and about how much ex-wife Layla Kiffin got in their divorce.

“I figured it out. I really don’t make any money,” Kiffin said in the SI feature with Pete Thamel. “I pay around 52% in taxes. Layla gets 34.5% in the divorce, and [agent Jimmy Sexton] gets 3%. I make [about] 9% and I’m living in Tuscaloosa.”

That sure was nice of Kiffin to insult Tuscaloosa like that. You think that jab went over well with Alabama’s fans?

Kiffin and Layla got divorced last year. SI says Layla is living in Manhattan Beach, Calif., with the couple’s three children in a $10,000 per month rental home.


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Sources: Deal in place to bring Lane Kiffin to Ole Miss 

Saturday Update: The deal is now official.

“I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Coach Kiffin to the Ole Miss family,” AD Keith Carter said. “As we entered this process, we were looking for energy, innovativeness and a program builder who could excite our student-athletes and fans. Coach Kiffin checked every box and is a home run for our program. I look forward to locking arms with him to take Ole Miss Football to a championship level.”

The Rebels announced the deal shortly after Kiffin’s FAU team won the Conference USA title game. He will be introduced at 2 p.m. ET on Monday.


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