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2021 F Jaylon Tyson


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Harris with generic platitudes 



PLANO, Texas — It's been a crazy last week for Plano (Texas) John Paul II four-star small forward Jaylon Tyson. Before last Friday's news broke about Chris Beard leaving Texas Tech for Texas, Tyson was locked in and ready to enroll at Texas Tech in the summer to play for the Red Raiders.

Soon after Beard's decision to leave Lubbock for Austin, Tyson had a conversation with Beard to discuss what his options were and if Texas would be a good spot for him.

"My thought process was to just understand what Beard's goals were for UT and his reasons for leaving Texas Tech," Tyson said. "I wanted to see if it matched what my goals are and if the same goals he recruited me with at Texas Tech are gonna be the same at Texas."

Thursday morning, Tyson announced that he would be requesting a release from his National Letter of Intent with Texas Tech before announcing that he would be committing to Texas on Thursday evening, making him the third commit in the 2021 class for the Longhorns.

"I really had loyalty to Beard," he said. "Him and (Ulric Maligi) had recruited me, so I had loyalty to them. They did something that no one else had ever done. We would talk about basketball, but they wanted to invest their time into learning who I was as a person."

The combination of Chris Beard and Ulric Maligi struck home for Tyson as they were able to naturally connect with him and talk about life outside of basketball.

"I'm a gym rat, all I do is stay in the gym," Tyson said. "But they wanted to know what else I wanted to do.They told me that I need to create balance in my life, so they would help me with life stuff that I need so that I can keep going with my basketball career."

Looking forward, Tyson is excited to get to Austin and has embraced the transition into being a Texas commit.

"I think it'll be an easy transition," he said. "At the end of the day, I'm going there for school and basketball. As long as I have an opportunity to play this game, I don't care about anything else. It's definitely coming from a little town to a big town. It's gonna be a huge transition for me and my family."

Tyson does have a sense of familiarity with Texas from when he took a visit to Austin for a game against Texas Tech pre-pandemic. He was able to see the facilities and check out the city.

"One thing that stood out to me was the arena, it was huge," Tyson said. "I wanna pack the stands more. I definitely feel like Beard and them can do that just like Texas Tech. The Texas Tech fanbase was amazing, I want to create that same culture at Texas. People say it's a football school, I want it to be a football and basketball school."

With the Texas roster needing a rebuild this offseason, Tyson will have an early opportunity in year one to earn solid playing time, but don't expect Beard and Co. to give him any special treatment when he enrolls in June.

"They told me that they won't promise me nothing," he said. "They'll give me the opportunity to work through my mistakes and play the game of basketball. I told them I'm ready to work whenever, when I get there I'm working. Even down here, I'm working right now. The only goal in our mind is to win a National Championship. That's all I'm worried about."


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Just now, Red Five said:

To my untrained eye, he didn't look like someone who would be playing major minutes anytime soon. 

Tyson is very talented but yeah he's still a year or 2 away it seems. 

Unfortunately, top 40 caliber recruits aren't going to wait 2 years to get major minutes. It's just the new reality of the transfer portal. 


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58 minutes ago, texasstrong12 said:

Tyson is very talented but yeah he's still a year or 2 away it seems. 

Unfortunately, top 40 caliber recruits aren't going to wait 2 years to get major minutes. It's just the new reality of the transfer portal. 


Two years, okay, but how about waiting until we're at least into conference play?

(You may have just used 2 years as an expression, I get it, but to leave before conference play has even begun?)

Any other comparable/top recruit from his class hit the portal?  Curious.


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1 hour ago, Dbeasy said:

College sports is annual free agency. There won’t be much roster continuity and there certainly won’t be a situation where players wait their turn. 

And consequently there won't be much watchable basketball, which will turn off fans, who won't show up, thus further degrading the sport until the best coaches are those who are best at managing pickup games at Gregory.

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