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2023 LB Liona Lefau


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Here’s what’s going through my mind:

— Hawaiian players are harder to land the further you go from Hawaii and the more Hawaiian or Polynesian players you have on your roster the easier it is to sign more. Virtuous cycles, imo. They are big on heritage, tradition, and family. Without primary knowledge, I think it’s easy to deduce Jake Langi in the personnel department did a great job when Lefau visited. Lefau could potentially help Steve Sarkisian unlock more players from California, Hawaii, and Utah.

— Two real linebackers in the class, what is happening? Lefau commits a few months after S’Maje Burrell. These guys are well suited to playing fast and physical while not getting roasted in pass coverage. Linebacker is a monstrous roster need given lack of proven players and last year’s woeful class.

— The timing is curious. I doubt it had much to do with Arch Manning’s commitment, but maybe they applied the slightest leverage with Anthony Hill on campus?

— I asked about Lefau to a source not long ago. I was told they liked him individually or as a package with Tausili Akana. They are from the same town (Kuhuku). That was interesting because I didn’t mention anything about a package deal. Akana is an Edge currently living in Utah whose sister just portaled from Nebraska to Texas to play volleyball. The fact pattern here is quite interesting.

— We know they’re about to go on a recruiting rip, but really good recruiting is when quality players drop out of nowhere. We were watching a quartet when Lefau joined in with his little string instrument. The staff is doing a good job of getting guys interested in the program, some just need that nudge.

— Numbers are a question every time Texas gets a new commitment. This is easy, they’ll wait out Anthony Hill and if they don’t land him, they’ll evaluate the position further.

— Guys like Akana and Derion Gullette are Edges so they shouldn’t factor at off-ball LB.

— Choate the GOAT. While I say that somewhat tongue in cheek, it’s mostly a jab at the junior experts who fired him last year. Let the guy get his players and coach them up.

— North Shore is easily the best surfing movie about a kid from Arizona who won a wave pool surfing contest who spent his winnings to move to Hawaii to learn how surf, shape boards, fight local bullies, and fall in love.


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12 minutes ago, Dennis Taylor said:
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Nope there's no 10 or 20 on the roster at all.. I don't think there has been for awhile now...no 12, 22, 34, or 60 either



Well I was thinking of all of the legends on both sides of the ball that have worn #11 and thought that sometimes you just can’t retire a number on both sides of the ball. 

I stand corrected. 


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