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15 hours ago, Parliament said:

Bagels are traditionally a Jewish food item.  Germany doesn’t have any Jewish people anymore because…well…

Shockingly they do have some Jews.  Met several a year ago and was surprised.   Quick Google/Wiki search shows Germany tied for 9/10th most of any country.


.... But they use to have a LOT more.

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If that service is not called 'the Thorough Burro', I don't want to attend another wedding ever again.  

I've actually seen something similar to that with a goat at a wedding in Mexico.  But it was just a satchel with a couple bottles of tequila and shot glasses.  But this takes it a whole 'nother level.  It's like YETI invented livestock

I really want to have been there  when they ordered the floral arrangement.  "Well sir, we don't necessarily upcharge for weddings.  But there is the cost of a prompt delivery to the venue, final touches, customization for the event, etc."

-I'm not paying extra, this is for a donkey.


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