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Cowboys @ Niners: NFC Divisional Round

Vic Mackey

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John Madden style game here.  Whoever runs and defends the run better wins the game. 


I'm still positive the Cowboys D can pull off a couple of turnovers and here's to Dak getting comfortable 2nd or 3rd series. 


First team to score an offensive  TD probably wins the game. 



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Just now, Nicole44 said:

One thing we absolutely couldn’t do was turn the ball over. Damnit Dak you’ve been in the League 7 fucking years you should know better than that. Fuck fuck fuck

He could've had a couple picks last week.  Just got fortunate.

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I’m beating a dead horse but first down runs are going to KILL this team. 

especially with Zeke. 

and now we’re in 3rd and 10, again, and Dak has to bail us out or he’s a trash QB”. 

just like that.  We put him in that spot and he wants to make a play. And make a horrible throw and decision.  

obviously his fault but they are NOT doing him any favors right now.  Way to make it hard on your QB. Unlike San Fran and Philly and KC do. 

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