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Texas vs OSU, Big XII Tourney- tonight around 6-ish


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1 minute ago, Hookem2147 said:

Timmy Allen out tonight. Gerry said it is a minor ankle injury and he’ll be good to go next week.

Love that we're resting multiple guys. It would be fun to win a couple of games but ultimately it's meaningless.

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I feel like the shot clock wasn't reset after the 10 second call.  There was 14:15 left and the shot clock was at 20 when the 10 second was called.  Then, I don't have the exact time but it was over 13:45 when the shot clock almost ran out on us and Bish had to toss up that wild shot.

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2 minutes ago, VinyVango said:

I like terry’s huddle pep a lot better than the “play for each other” stuff Shaka offered during time outs

lol, we had the exact same thought. "guys we can't foul like that anymore, keep your feet on the ground", vs a bunch of huckster guru nonsense (shouts out @longhornmatt for the "huckster guru" term). so refreshing.

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