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Kansas State @ Texas Series Thread

Horny Bull

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6 minutes ago, ClubWhatever said:


His dad was asked to leave after getting into it with some fan. Great 8th inning entertainment 

8 minutes ago, Rickylovesweed said:

Big takeway from this game is we need to get Burke more innings. The guy can pitch. 

He looked great today 

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1 minute ago, Horn80 said:

Win the series.  Fuck off Kansas St.

Most impressive pitcher I saw in the series was K-state’s closer for game 2. Reminded me of Aaron Nixon back when he was effective. Oh, he’s at Mississippi State now? Great

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10 minutes ago, Fletch said:

Seriously wtf happened? Anything in the post game interviews or any of that?

No idea. Per Craig, Pierce wasn't allowed to come back for the post-game. Blue throwing Pierce a stare down before taking off his mask and doing a Come At Me Bro! towards Pierce is what I see.

EK should know better.

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The DP ejection looks insane. Pierce appears to be upset that the ump said something to him and DP was talking to his player. 
That was frankly embarrassing from the blue though. Some of the stuff with umps throwing guys out in both college and pro is ridiculous. 

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That strike 3 call vs EK was horribad.   

however, EK knows better than to argue the one fucking thing umps will toss you for asking them about. 

His inital question was something like "that was over the plate?" and the ump said something smart-ish and thats when EK responded again and got tossed.

if he had just kept it at the first question and walked away he wudda been fine. 

none of us in the stadium knew what the fuck happened to Pierce,  we just saw Daly being looked at and suddenly the ump points and we thought maybe it was the ump trying to claim a pitch clock violation which is what we thought set Pierce off since the trainer was still checking Daly out.    so we thought we started that at-bat with 1 strike, except we got all 3 after so we were all confused.


i went to the pisser right after that inning where they have the game radio on and even Craig Way didnt quite understand what the fuck happened to Pierce at that point. 


if that report is true, getting charged a time out when a trainer was looking over a guy who CLEARLY was hurt from the foul ball and backed up when he could barely fucking run to first and made no attempt to get to 2nd on the missed throw to 1st is a clear reason for Pierce to get pissed.


Listening to that audio from the clip, Pierce got tossed  almost immediately when questioning that umps call.  i thought he got tossed after he told the ump to go fuck himself... but he was already gone by then.

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