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Two women were wounded by gunfire during Friday night's Oakland Athletics-Chicago White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field. The incident in the left field bleachers did not stop the game at all and made for a bizarre and confusing story over the weekend with many people speculating where the bullets may have come from. This morning it was looking more clear that whomever fired the gun must have been inside the stadium.

ESPN Chicago's Peggy Kusinski provided the next chapter of this tale with a tweet for the ages indicating that one of the injured women had snuck the gun into the stadium by holding it in the folds of her belly fat.


Halfway up the screen, directly up from R and M of Statefarm sign. Happens at about 12 seconds. 

1. Why does she need to sneak a gun into a baseball game? Is some blind dude who has a kink for fat rolls going to try to rape her?

2. She hides the gun in her fat roll which gets it through metal detectors. Absolutely incredible.

3. Hardly anyone flinches when the gun goes off. Granted it is probably muffled by the thick ass roll of fat, but incredible that no one around her remotely flinches. "What's that loud gunshot bang noise? Eh, just some gun hiding in the fat roll of an obese woman going off. What's the pitch count, again?"

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4 minutes ago, animaltobacco11 said:

How can you discern anything from that where's waldo video?

Again this adds to the weirdness because a gun goes off in the middle of a ballpark stands in the middle of a game and no none except those impacted even acknowledges it. The only way I knew is at 0:12 mark, the affected parties stand like what the fuck and then start waving for ball park attendants at the top of the stands. 

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tell me you know nothing about sports in Chicago without telling me you know nothing about sports in Chicago.  White Sox/Cubs is not about geography, it's about demography.  Nary a racial component to it all.  College degree holders are 5x more likely to be spotted at Wrigley than a White Sox game.  And noCR, but the voting split between Wrigley v. Comlskey/G-Rate/whateverthefuck is markedly different beyond anything you could fathom.  Drunk, working class, uneducated, angry white people with guns love one thing in Chicago.  And that's a day in the outfield with the White Sox.  

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There's some song lyrics in here.  "Bully-Bully............Wa-ah-wa-tusi!  Bulli Bulli, Wooly Bully.  Wa-ah, wa-tusi!"  

I know this is the greatest country on earth or whatever the fuck you morons vote on between closeted sexual encounters, but we live in a simulation and Jesus didn't actually discover America and put a 2-ton animal in a Crown Vic.  Or he did because he hates us. What the fuck ever.

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I dont even know where to put this because the actual story doesnt match the assumed culprit.


if this story resulted in a pool cleaning company being the perps, it definately would have been an America Fuck Yeah story.


But alas, the culprit somehow wasnt someone associated with a pool cleaning business, nor a stupid teenager, and at this point, not even a disgruntled ex employee.


basically someone in NJ has been dropping Coast Guard Salt Water Dye packs in pools around a city in NJ.   Causing the pool owners to have to drain their pools, clean them, and the reload with fresh water.

The hotel in the story was hit 12 freaking times before the authorities could figure it out



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33 minutes ago, troph said:

isn't this really just a "wtf is wrong with you Florida, I mean US..." thread?

Few years ago at a literary panel, I heard an American pulitzer prize winning author (from the South) say something very poignant.  I won't type their name because to read literature is to show weakness in 'Murica.  But the quote was something along the lines of, "I no longer fear the darkness.  But I have come to fear those that cannot see the light."  

I used to worry about Florida.  But what disturbs me now is what a large portion of this country wants to be more like Florida.  That's the nightmare fuel.  

On that note, late last night Florida Man steals an industrial excavator and crashes it into a Gainesville Wal-Mart.  


My only worry is that they won't have the store ready in time for us to get our supplies for the 2025 Surly Texas @ Florida tailgate.  SEC!  SEC!  SEC!  

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America Fuck Yeah but with Mexico's help.


Welcome to Molar City, Mexico, The Dental Mecca America’s Health Care Costs Built

The signs that beckon Americans as they head west toward Andrade, California’s narrow border crossing, aren’t for resorts or beaches but for dental clinics offering bridges and root canals at half what they cost in the United States. Dental care has become big business here over the last two decades, so much so that American visitors have taken to calling it “Molar City.” An estimated 600 dentists operate out of hundreds of clinics that fill the 1-square-mile town, which is home to fewer than 5,000 permanent residents.

When HuffPost visited in October, the busy season for dental tourism was just beginning. Americans, mostly retirees, were already walking the maze of streets, visiting gift shops for local handicrafts and pharmacies for low-cost prescription drugs.

Los Algodones is the northernmost town in Baja California and in Mexico itself, bordered by California to the north and by Arizona to the east. It’s just a 14-mile drive from the airport in Yuma, Arizona.

The clinics are the main reason Americans and, to a lesser extent, Canadians, travel to this village. There’s not much else here. The few restaurants in town close early, and the nightlife consists of two strip clubs. The residents are poor, and these dental clinics aren’t for them. Although the medical tourism boom has provided jobs to many area residents, others hustle as jaladores for tips from clinics and other businesses for luring pedestrians to them.

The town’s lack of amenities did not matter to retiree Eugene Richardson, 76, who drove 2,000 miles from Isle, Minnesota, with his wife, Carol, so they could both get treatment at Sani Dental Group, the town’s biggest operator.

Richardson had worked as a machinist for 30 years, and the vibrating equipment had ground down his teeth, he said. He needed all 28 teeth replaced with crowns but couldn’t afford what dentists in Minnesota charge, so in 2016, he headed to Los Algodones.

“I paid for those 28 caps one-fifth what I would’ve had to pay up in the States. It’s sad,” Richardson said. The October trip was his second to Los Algodones to have some of the crowns adjusted while Carol also got some dental work done.

The Richardsons don’t have dental insurance. “By the time you pay your premiums for a year, what it gives you is just it helps with the cleaning but it doesn’t do anything for the major work,” he said.

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You're not at risk of getting syphilis if you are already born with it.



The number of babies born with syphilis in Mississippi has risen 10-fold over the last several years, according to a new report.

Between 2016 and 2022, congenital syphilis cases rose from 10 to 110, marking a 1,000% increase, according to a report from the John D. Bower School of Population Health at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

During the study period, 367 infants were hospitalized in Mississippi due to a diagnosis of congenital syphilis. The majority were identified at delivery while a few were admitted to the hospital post-delivery.

In addition to the number of cases rising, the hospitalization rate also increased from 2.0 per 100,000 in 2016 to 24.8 per 100,000, according to the report.

The report found a wide discrepancy when it came to breakdown by race. The overwhelming majority of infants were African American with 71.1% of all infants compared to 25.1% of infants being white.

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