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I blitzkreig'd Babylon Berlin season 1 on my way home from Italy yesterday.  Awesome series. I took German in high school and college and it's actually coming back as its going along.  Makes it easier to only read half of the show.

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3 hours ago, Chet Steadman said:

Been watching Flint Town in between the MM games.  

Holy shite, what a depressing look into that city’s troubles. 

About half-way through myself.  I keep getting reminded of The Wire in how it puts cops, citizens, local politicians and media in front of the camera.  Interesting to see how some of those different groups have different perspectives on what is happening, how effective certain policies are, etc...  Also really like how it shows both sides of the police/black lives matter conflict.  I think especially interesting is the different views expressed by the white and black cops on that subject.

Its pretty bleak, however.  You can see tensions rising and the cops on the street getting beat down mentally as they are asked to do an impossible job with virtually no support.  Dunno if there is some message of hope by the time the series ends, but you would be an idiot to bet on a positive future for the city at the series mid-point.

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2 hours ago, Bronson said:

I liked Santa Clarita Diet. Knocked out the second season over the weekend.

Season 2 way funnier than Season 1. Good cast chemistry. 

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18 hours ago, Neonmoon said:

Watching episode 3 right now. This whole story is fucking nuts. 

Side note: People love cults 

Cults love people.

WWC was really good.  All of the "seeker" types that go ape shit dancing like they're trying to put out the invisible alcohol fire that engulfs them is always fun to watch.

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wild wild country was great. sheela is a grade a psychopath who I am guessing probably did smuggle millions out of those fools.


it took me awhile, but about half way through I realized that one of my wife's friends was likely a cult member there. i can't imagine how many more large cults in oregon were around in the 80s.

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On 3/25/2018 at 7:43 PM, Bronson said:

I liked Santa Clarita Diet. Knocked out the second season over the weekend.

The first half of it was fucking hilarious, it kind of faded though.   Hoping season 2 is a riot.

Do I need to add Stranger Things?

Also, I'm probably 12, but I got hooked on those damn marvel ones.  Except iron fist, which I just took as a prison rape to get to the next series.

Its not Netflix, but its on there...if you haven't watched Sherlock yet, get on it.  The first couple seasons at least.


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13 hours ago, CrownKing said:

I also just started Jessica jones season 2, through ep 3 and not not it yet. Does it get better?

Agree with this.  I've only made it to about the same point, but surprised how much losing the villain from season 1 has hurt the show.  Seems really slow so far.  Hoping it gets better. 

I don't think any of these shows have had great second seasons. I enjoyed the first seasons of daredevil, Jessica Jones, and arrow.  Haven't liked any of the second seasons so far. 

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10 hours ago, tx 3 putt said:

Wind River is pretty damn good, predictable but good 

I liked it as well. 

I am way behind on netflix shows. We went out of town and the neighbor watching our house took our fire stick and used it to watch our prime videos. In return they loaded netflix with login on it, so I am trying to binge the shit out of everything I have missed over the last 5 or so years.


Never watched narcos so that is what I am going through now. Will watch thread for more rec's.

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