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Houston Astros 2024 Season Thread

Planet Houston

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11 minutes ago, Pimphand said:


He's talking a big game here, but he didn't back it up today.  He got two batters in on his third time through the lineup and didn't retire the 1-2 hitters once.  He Houdini'd his way out of two situations with at least two on and no outs and had just gotten himself into a third.  He was LUCKY to have a zero on the board and got saved from an L by Montero.

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16 minutes ago, tx 3 putt said:

Have we thrown out anyone caught stealing this year ?

I know of one in the last series.  I can't remember who it was, but the guy stole second.  The announcers said that we had not thrown anyone out all year and the guy tried to steal third.  Diaz threw him out.  It was kind of insulting though.  Just daring us to try to throw someone out trying to steal.

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Just now, UTexasFight said:

Good news: the offense should go nuts in Mexico City.

bad news: we still have to pitch…. And the Rockies are used to playing in thin air…. Although maybe not that thin…. Mexico City sits ~ half a mile higher than Denver. 


Let's see if Yordan can nail a 500 footer into the stands, and that be the spark that ignites a fire in this team that burns until they win the World Series in November! 

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1 minute ago, Snake Diggity said:

This is hard core suckitude.  Singleton’s inability to barrel and elevate is going to end his career.  He’s badass at taking pitches knowing when to swing but he fucking rolls over everything.

He’ll have 2-3 dongs in Mexico City….

unless he rides line with Espada deciding the altitude is a good place to hope Abreu gets under one or two to try and a light a spark (that will immediately be put back out at MMP).

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Man. They really suck. Amazing how quickly we have gone from hoping for an eighth straight ALCS to wondering when the right time is for Dana Brown to earn his paycheck and restock the farm system and/or get something by trading Bregman and maybe even Tucker (and for Crane to allow him to). Hard fall from grace. Welcome to the big leagues, Joe. 

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