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When did old Austin die?


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I'm in that pic somewhere, either on the sidewalk, or possibly just out of field to the left.
I don't think there was a keg involved, but a lot of bottles and cans and just clap your hands.

I was in the library studying.
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4 hours ago, tbone_ said:

What was the significance of that day? Other than the fact that I was a freshman.

First day of something called SXSW. People and mainstream media from populous places on both coasts got wind of a little festival in Austin, located it on a map, found a hotel, or motel and, four days later left, collectively saying "Wow. Music. Hills. Lakes. Liberal and weird people (yeah, it was still weird then). Nice weather. Food. And more music. In Texas, no less. " 

Word got out. People ultimately got wind of things, started coming in droves, for the festival, to visit otherwise, and more. Many, many came back to stay, and then to build homes and businesses and bring existing businesses with them from a long ways away. There was no looking back.

I'm not revealing anything new. 3-1/2 decades ago, SXSW was the turning point from when Austin went from a (still relatively) sleepy town to, as of today, the 10th largest city in the country along with being of the most talent-laden and biggest business hubs in the US. Along with that "old Austin", or whatever you want to call it, died.

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I have not been to in Austin since 2014.   Seeing pictures of West Campus, while not surprising, is both amazing and sickening.

Holy shit. That is crazy to me. You live 2.5 hours away. You should drive over one Friday (fuck work, they are letting you go). Get some Leroy and Lewis then go stare at chicks at Barton Springs.
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