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Cotton Bowl CFP Semi Bama vs Cincy

Surly Bevo

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1 minute ago, Cairn Horn88 said:

I heard on the radio earlier today, that Bama…since 2018, has signed 77 top 300 recruits…..Cincy has NONE.   I didn’t verify.

False. They had one in the 2020 class and have one in the 2022 class. Not sure about transfers.

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1 minute ago, TwiceHorn said:


In a way it kind of makes sense in terms of the reward/penalty, rather than just looking at the "line" in question:  any part in the endzone, score; any part behind LOS, no penalty.

It should be the other way around for a forward pass. No part of your body or ball can cross the line before the ball is thrown.

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1 minute ago, texasstrong12 said:

This is how Bama lost to aggy. Moved the ball with ease and then BoB went BoB in the red zone. 

You're averaging 6 yards a carry and you drop back to pass on 2 downs inside the ten. 

It's the mindset of too many coaches. Something is working and they outthink themselves thinking it can't possibly keep working and then do the opposite. 

If Bama never attempted a pass in this game, they still win.

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