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David Crosby RIP


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4 minutes ago, Earl Haffler said:

I always just assumed Stills was the asshole in that group.


2 minutes ago, Harrison Stafford said:

Stills was an asshole as well

Asshole to nice-guy scale

1) Crosby

2) Young

3) Stills

4) Nash


Young was the most selfish motherfucker in the world.

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2 hours ago, 0xdeadbeef said:


CSN/CSN&Y created some of the greatest music of that period. 


I saw CSN’s first concert post Crosby’s stay at the Huntsville State Prison.   He shared a story of a prison band he formed that practiced almost every day in the yard.  Crosby found out the warden hated the tune Almost Cut My Hair, so he’d make sure they played the shit out of it.

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2 hours ago, Celery Man said:



(a year or so back Crosby tweeted something about it being pathetic when Bridgers smashed a guitar on SNL, Bridgers called him a little bitch)

[Googles “Phoebe Bridgers”]

[Has no idea who “Phoebe Bridgers” is.]

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2 hours ago, MAROON said:

The Byrds, CSNY, CSN, drug addiction, prison, car wrecks, sperm donor to Mellissa Etheridge, liver transplant paid for by Phil Collins.  That has the making of a great movie.

A few years back, Isbell tweeted that one of the dumbest things he ever did when drinking was to try to climb a tree in cowboy boots.  Crosby replied "I tried to climb a tree in a Ferrari".

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3 hours ago, Gil Bang said:

Recorded live, in the studio, 1 take only.   So much fucking talent in that band

Young wrote and they recorded “Ohio” in just a few takes all in one night and had it pressed to get on the air the nest day.  It was later remastered for broader circulation.

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Crosby has been barely hanging on for several years. Just recently said he would probably never tour again.

This is a must watch documentary that came out a few years ago, should be available on numerous streaming platforms. It's pretty honest about what an asshole he was, and he knew it. He made a lot of great music, though. It's all he really cared about.



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It’s pretty amazing that CSN’s first gig was just the night before they appeared at Woodstock. Then they hit the stage early Monday morning when the festival was almost over. Some fans had already left the show and started home. The ones who remained must have been exhausted. The band still killed.

Crosby and Nash:


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Was listening to their self titled last night all the way through for the first time in a long time.  Had no idea about the news, was just appreciative of their music.  Read the news this morning.  Asshole or not, that music will be loved for a very long time.  RIP.


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It occurs to me that people may not understand what all Crosby was involved in and what the importance was. I have a meeting in just a couple but what...


The Byrds
Crosby Stills Nash/Crosby Stills Nash Young
Jefferson Airplane?

The Byrds were one of those Beatles era 60s rock acts, but were very influential/important in popularizing the folk revival of the 60s? Gram Parsons was also a member of the Byrds for an album or so, and is maybe one of the fathers of alt country? Again I don't have time to do this justice but lets reflect on fucking what Crosby did beyond just being one of those guys whose names people unfamiliar know as an old music dude

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10 hours ago, Harrison Stafford said:


The lineup on that track:

David Crosby: guitar, vocals 
Jerry Garcia: guitar  
Jorma Kaukonen: guitar
Phil Lesh: bass
Graham Nash: vocals

CSNY were an L.A. band but both Crosby and Stills lived in the Bay Area for awhile. The bands all knew each other. Stephen Stills lived for a time on Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart’s ranch and David Crosby lived close to Bob Weir. There was a lot of co-mingling between members of CSN, the Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

While CSNY was recording Déjà Vu, both the Dead and the Airplane were recording in the same studio. Crosby invited Jerry Garcia to come over and play pedal steel on Teach Your Children.

In return the Dead received pointers on harmonies and recording which came in handy as they were transitioning from this:

To this:


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