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who are the real freaks of Texas Football (aside from Cleve Bryant)


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was just watching a Bijan Robinson highlight reel and said "what a freak" aloud which led me to wondering about this. on the one hand, the label "freak" should not be handed out gratuitously, but at the same time we've had more than our fair share of truly freakish players here. i'm particularly looking forward to some of our resident olds elucidating us soon-to-be-olds on players from the 60's and 70's. 


so, with that said, here are guys from my time watching Texas Football who to me fit the the bill of a Freak:


leonard davis

eric metcalf

derrick johnson

roy williams

ricky williams


vince young

ramonce taylor 

bijan robinson

earl campbell

brian orakpo


casey hampton

shaun rogers

brian robison



guys i'm on the fence about:


•bryant westbrook

•jermichael finley (with a different OC he's a freak)

•tony brackens 

•quentin jammer (playing all 5 db spots at his size is unfair)

•jamaal charles- he might be a freak, and the fact that i of all people didn't automatically include him might just me "trying to be objective" 


is there anyone i'm missing from this era? who else to you was a legit freak at Texas? 


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29 minutes ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:


Love Priest, but he’s no freak. He shined in a few games, and had an unexpectedly productive NFL career, with an amazing 3-4 year run like few backs have had. But he’s no more a freak than a guy like Emmitt Smith.

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18 minutes ago, TotallyLegit said:


great call. he slipped my mind because of mack and gdgd. imagine him with a competent OC. imagine him in the tavon austin role.

marquise goodwin junior and senior year combined stats:

59 catches, 761 yards, 5 td; 35 carries, 360 yards, 3 td. total: 94 touches, 1,121 yards, 8 td

tavon austin senior year:

114 catches, 1,289 yards, 12 td; 72 carries, 643 yards, 3 td. total: 186 touches, 1,932 yards, 15 td




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can't find it anymore but there was a picture taken at a practice during spring ball of 2006 when Kindle was an early enrollee and he was standing next to Bobino, who was a starter on the national championship team the year before.  It looked like Kindle had brought his son to practice.  Kindle was an absolute freak from day 1.  Rak was pretty scrawny when he first showed up and became a monster. Kindle had all the potential in the world, had a nice career here but Holy shit you couldn't have created a better frame in a lab

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1 hour ago, oldhorn2 said:

Tommy Nobis......the guy averaged over 20 tackles for his career here. Add to that he made AA as an O lineman......oh....don't forget he was drafted number one...

This is the correct answer.

He is the greatest player to ever wear a Texas uniform.

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3 hours ago, South Austin said:

I fully support adding Jamaal. The guy had another gear.

That speed was the definition of freak. Watching that motherfucker turn the corner and just blow by people was something. Was legit bummed when he elected to move on to the NFL with one year of eligibility left, because we really only got one season of full usage out of him. His 5.7 yds per carry average in the NFL verifies freak status. 

He is a speedster and he is gone, gone. 


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24 minutes ago, alincoln said:

This is quickly turning into a listing of the best players in UT history as opposed to a list of freaks.

This, in fact I think Derka’s list is too long.  I would probably just have Kindle, Roy, and Robison on there, maybe Shaun Rodgers.  

“Freak” to me means their athletic potential is so high that they periodically do something so amazing you wonder why they don’t it more often.  

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27 minutes ago, Make em eat Taco Bell said:

he's faster and stronger than Nobis and very productive on the field, not just physical metrics. 

They were roughly the same size, but Nobis was 25 years older so in his day I'd say he was probably abnormal for his era. 

I am a huge Britt Hager fan and I was in school roughly the same time as him and he was a bad motherfucker . But you said best MLB and there's simply no way there was or will be a more productive MLB at Texas or possibly anywhere else than Nobis , especially considering how different the game is. Nobis AVERAGED almost 20 tackles a game, was 3x All SWC, 2x All American, and was not only the #1 overall pick in the draft he was the first pick in the history of the Atlanta Falcons franchise. Absolutely no disrespect to Britt, DJ or any others but Nobis's career will not be duplicated ever. 

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