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Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and Other Good Stuff

Seasick Sailor

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3 hours ago, tbone_ said:

His version of cover me up just makes me want to vomit

I have no problem with people covering or interpreting other people’s songs, but if you’re doing something as heavy and deeply personal as this song, you better do something special. Isbell has been pretty diplomatic about it publicly, but Wallen’s version is dogshit. I just don’t get the appeal of that dude. Underwhelming. Now, if Chris Cornell had covered it…

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5 hours ago, 4th&Five said:

How so? I always like his show/podcast and his movies. 

I just find him to be an insufferable interviewer.  Yeah, we know, you used to skate in Cali and play in bands.  Join the crowd.

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On 3/7/2023 at 7:25 PM, Buzzrock said:

Holy crap. What is the deal with Morgan Wallen (his music, not the other stuff)? My niece who is into Isbell and Stapleton and Zach Bryan etc was raving about him. I listened to 30 seconds of that new album and good lord that is some awful shit. Do people put him in the same bucket with the others I mentioned?

Morgan Wallen is doing numbers as good or better than like Taylor Swift and Beyonce. He's a cultural force, which means his music is necessarily average to middling and probably optimized in a studio office somewhere for the broadest range of appeal in his demo.

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