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Favorite torchy's taco


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I have not lived in Austin since 97 so I never had Torchy's until they opened one near me in SA.  Loved it.  Tortillas were shit, like Taco Bell quality, but the variety of non traditional fillings more than made up for that.  My favorite ever was the Creeper.  Trailer Park Trashy and Ace of Spades after that.  The burrito, as others have pointed out, is also great.  When Covid shut everything down I stopped getting Torchy's because their tacos don't travel for shit.  

We got a Velvet Taco last year in the same area-ish, The Rim.  I think it crushes Torchy's at its own game.  Also they don't recycle their WTF nearly as much as Torchy's does their Taco of the Month.  I went back to Torchy's for the first time in years last Summer or so and they have definitely upped their tortilla game, at least the two locations closest to me, Rim and Stone Oak.  They seemed scratch made vs the Sysco shit they used to use.

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I started eating Torchys when it was a food truck outside of little Woodrow’s on west 6th. I knew a couple of the owners and many of the original staff from my time waiting tables at Hul Hut; really good people who knew wtf they were doing and worked incredibly hard and cared deeply about their product.  For the next decade, a Mr Pink on corn and a half queso with a Maine Root Cola soda was a staple of my diet.  For most of that time, the total for that order was $10.  

Like most things it touches, private equity fucking killed Torchy’s.  Within a year of that $400M injection, literally zero of the things on my recurring order were still on the menu; the Mr Pink kept shrinking until it disappeared entirely.  The half queso, which was basically just a half priced full queso because it was served in the same sized bowl, got downsized and upcharged.  Coke replaced Maine Root.  My go-to order went from a $10 dream to a $20 bag of trash.

I haven’t eaten at Torchys in years.  Fuck private equity.

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