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5 HPD Officers Shot


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2 minutes ago, thestud said:

The bird isn’t launched pre-emptively. There’s probably someone in the back of the ambulance being worked on and prepped for flight. CPR in a bird is damn near impossible

Well three have landed, two picked up wounded and left, the first to land turned its engines off. 

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5 hours ago, Pancho Negro said:

Boy, Art Rascon keeps speculating like a mofo. Just tell us you don’t have any info and leave it at that.

from HPD


Art Rascon is a fucking idiot.  He can barely read the words on the prompter correctly when he is ad-libbing, there's no telling what will come out of his mouth. He is by far the worst anchor in Houston, and has been for years 

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7 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

It’s understandable that cops are upset at being targeted.  I can’t recall the exact quote but something like cops know who are talking bad about them online.  They better look out. 

Are you fucking kidding me? 

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10 hours ago, thestud said:

Could be any number of things. I’m just telling you they don’t launch preemptively. They’ve either got a patient they’re working in an ambulance or the flight crew went by ground with the ambulance crew to the hospital or they had engine troubles.

Both possible, but sometimes they don't actually know how many patients will be critical enough to warrant air evac. EMS may have dispatched all three just to be safe, only to find out later that they only had 2 patients for air transport. In a situation like that with 5 cops reported down already, I could easily see that happening.

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10 hours ago, rtchorn said:

Holy shit that union president is unhinged. Cops are going to go after people that say negative stuff about police? Bernard is fucked.

He's out there yelling in glasses he apparently picked up on the women's side of a Montrose boutique.

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4 hours ago, NotActuallyALonghorn said:

Cops probably get a chopper on standby. Regular folks not so much.

Those that make the rules get preference.  But it's normal.   If a football player at a UT game has a seizure, they will get him to clinical care within minutes.  Happens to a fan in the stands, its going to take a while to get you to the hospital.

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Presumably, because they were "serving" the warrant, this was an arrest warrant (I assume they would say search or search warrant if that was what was involved).  Or maybe just a warrant for a court appearance?  If arrest warrant, why don't they just say "attempting to arrest a suspect" and "pursuant to an arrest warrant" if that detail is needed.


NVM I see elsewhere that it was a search warrant.

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