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Texas Recruiting Notes 2023: Strippers, Monkeys, and 5-Stars


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2 hours ago, Hank Scorpio said:

Wrong thread I know but LOL. What would Arch be worth on the open market? 


Here comes RGBIII to talk about NIL which I’m sure everyone just loves. But seriously these Fucking morning with Florida and Miami are going to fuck it up for everyone. This dumbass lawyer and Ruiz are just going to kill NIL. Y’all do not need to worry about issues and articles like these with Texas unless someone steps out of line 

30 minutes ago, OnAComputer said:

Lot of people assuming we’ll develop these guys… 😬

hope y’all are right

You just committed my dude, why commit if you’re worried about developing 

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35 minutes ago, nunna yo bizness said:

Son of a bitch!  I anxiously await the site coming back up to see what 5 star committment caused the crash only to find out @immamac apparently dribbled mcrib sauce into the server.

If we could just get him to try a lower sodium sauce, the likelihood of a short would be much lower.

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8 minutes ago, nunna yo bizness said:

Just post your phone number here and I'm sure we can get that corrected.  In fact, go ahead and post your address too just in case you don't hear the phone and we have to drag you out of bed.

Anyone that inquires about the phone tree gets added to the phone tree. 

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1 minute ago, RaysBoomBoomRoom said:

Apparently there’s a trio of commitments lined up today. Per a 247 Baylor reporter. He said that “Texas fans are going to be very happy, that’s all I can say right now” 

So....Baxter, Cook, & Pilot?

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Just now, DigglerontheHoof said:

Why are we loading up on (what 247 says are) 3 star linemen?  They fit Flood's requirements?  Just curious why Arch wouldn't attract a much higher caliber of linemen.

8 of our last 11 OL commits are consensus 4/5 stars (per Gerry), and that's not to say the current 3 star guys should be, or will remain there. Stacking high ceiling guys is a luxury, not a negative. 

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