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Aside from exercise, I have two possible solutions:

1) A podcast called "Sleep with Me." It's an intentionally boring motherfucker with a cranky voice who tells wandering bedtime stories. His shit usually puts me under after about 15-20 minutes.

2) If that doesn't work, I go for an app called "A Soft Murmur" which allows you to control sounds of waves, wind, rain, thunder, and whatnot.

Between the two, I've been able to manage some really quality sleep lately. 

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12 hours ago, futureman said:

disagree.  pacino captured the hopeless desperation of the character very vividly. 

And Robin Williams was excellent. And Maura Tierney was a babe. So was Hilary Swank. I thought the ending was solid and not telegraphed. Then you realize that was really the only way it could end. I wouldn't call it a classic or a 10 or anything but it's a good flick. Lots of great scenery too. 

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1 hour ago, High Plains Drifter said:

I lay in the recliner and watch golf in the afternoon if I want to nap. 

I don’t take naps.  ever.  except in this exact scenario, sub couch for recliner. 

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also, you don’t lay in the recliner, you lie in it.
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Holy shit this blows, over 2 weeks now of waking up at 430-5 after crashing at 1130-12 and either taking an hour+ to fall back to sleep or not at all. No change in habits (gym/diet), maybe at least partly due to time change Bc I was a rock solid 12-8 sleeper before this. 

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